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From The Desk of Andy Luong
Hi, my name is Andy Luong Co-Founder Of Before I dive into what our coaching program and inner circle is all about and why joining it today is the smartest decision you’ll ever make for your online business… With your permission, I would like to tell you first a quick story of how I went from over $70,000 in debt to where I am today, where I can do whatever I want, whenever I want. More importantly, the purpose of this story is to prove to you that if someone like me, who started off with zero experience, no technical knowledge, over $70,000 in debt and literally hit rock bottom again and again, can do it… YOU definitely can too.
You see, after graduating from uni, I was working 6 days per week and was earning between $70-80,000 per year. Just like everyone around me, I wanted to invest in property as fast as possible and become wealthy the ‘traditional way’ through the ‘buy and hold’ method.
But you know, I was absolutely miserable.

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