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Christine Kloser – Get Your Book Done Live Coaching

Name Product: Christine Kloser – Get Your Book Done Live Coaching
Market price: $1,997
Author: Christine Kloser
Website Sale:http://getyourbookdone.com/upgrade/getlivecoaching/

Module Intro – Preview and Introduction…
“Priming Your Writing Mind” To Write Effortlessly…
In the introductory module, you will begin to “prime your writing mind”. You’ll discover how to open your mind to experiencing all the benefits of writing your book… (It’s not just financial, personal or even spiritual)…
We’ll dig deep to get you fully engaged and committed… it will subconsciously start to dislodge all your typical writers blocks and self-limiting beliefs. And it will open up your mind to the four levels of transformation your book will bring to the world.

Module 1 – Laying a Strong Foundation for Your Book’s Success
How To Find The “North Star” For Your True Message So The Best Ideas Simply Start Flowing Out Of You
You’re about to embark on an amazing journey and I’m here to guide you every step of the way. You don’t have to do this alone! In this first module, we’re going to lay the groundwork, pour the foundation.
By the end of it, you’ll be able to write more easily, faster… without wasting time, money or energy. You’ll know exactly what you need to do to create your best book possible. It will be a true representation and reflection of you.
During this module, you’ll also discover…
A simple breathing exercise to “tune into your heart”… the most powerful part of you. You’ll uncover a deep pool of gratitude, love and ideas… giving you the power to write effortlessly.
How to develop a real, genuine and authentic relationship with your readers… and “shift” their lives, impact them at a profound, positive level… and transform them…
The worst possible reason to write a book — and how it will tax your soul for years to come… (I personally lost years and half-a-million dollars by making thisone mistake)!
A critical and necessary process (which if ignored or done wrong)… can and will lead to everything falling flat in your book. You’ll have a harder time writing it and fewer people will want to read it.
One simple word change in your writing that could get people writing and emailing you — thanking you for changing their lives… or if ignored, creating complete disconnect.
A sure way to build up so much inner strength — you will fend off ALL the negative self-talk, limiting beliefs and the self-doubting voices. (With this, it’s like you have a “mute” button for your “monkey mind”)!

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Christine Kloser – Get Your Book Done Live Coaching Contains: Videos, PDF´s

Module 2 – Honing a Message That Gets Your Book Noticed
Creating a Platform & Gaining Clarity for Your Message
Now that we’ve created a solid ground beneath your book… we’re going to start chipping away at the big marble slab to uncover your masterpiece.
You may have a flood of ideas, or very little. You may have a million thoughts, or a few key ones. The question here is… which one do you start with and which ones do you shelve for future books?
That’s what this module is about. You’ll sharpen, refine and hone your message until there is crystal clarity on what you want to convey to the world, what you want to say. What value, purpose and impact you want to give.
In this module, you’ll also discover…
The two most important questions to guide your writing forward. You’ll go through a deep, soul-level exercise to uncover your most valuable message — what you’ll write about.
A unique way I personally teach to really explore your inner core — to excavate, mine and extract your one true answer, what you’ll give to the world. This experience will be so enlightening — your heart will open, your eyes will light up, your soul will vibrate.
A “backwards” exercise that may seem strange when writing your book… but if done properly, leads you to the cleanest clarity of message… freeing you to write with ease.
250-300 words you must write now, before writing a single word in your “actual book”. This small sum of words could mean the difference between success or failure. Yes, these 250-300 words can make or break your book.
A funny, but powerful reason why you should write your title, subtitle and what goes on the back cover of your book now… And not after you’ve written your book.

Module 3 – Book Marketing Essentials… Before You Write
Why You’re NOT Prematurely Thinking Ahead By Planning Your Marketing
You may be thinking, “we’re only in module three and we’re talking about marketing”?! Don’t be surprised. It may seem counter-intuitive we’re talking about trademarks, domain names and “sales strategies”… but I can assure you, NOW is the time to do it.
Why? Because you’ll want to make sure everything is set up for your book to succeed the moment it’s published. Think of it this way… do you build your house before you build a foundation? Absolutely not!
Yes, I know… you’re going to get looks from your friends, family and colleagues. They may even accuse you of being a “dreamer” who’s acting prematurely by getting a domain name and website. Don’t worry about them.

Here’s what we’ll cover in this module…
Why you want to look into trademarking your “technology”. (And I don’t mean an invention, design or machine!). What I’m talking about here is your expertise— how you can protect your knowledge as a process, system, recipe, formula or blueprint.
Not sure if you have a “technology”? You do. I’ll show you seven different ways to look at what you teach and how you can turn it into something you can trademark and make additional income from!
What if the URL for your book title is taken? Here’s how to remedy that cheaply and effectively.
How to create additional income streams from your book. Most authors don’t realize that books often don’t make a whole lot of money when you publish it the traditional way… Here, I’ll show you how to build a six or seven figure income “working around that”.

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