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How to Remove Negative
Results from Google’s Page 1
With A Few Simple Clicks

And Make Huge Profits Doing It!
With this new tactic, you rarely need
backlinking, articles, press releases.
No dirty Neg SEO campaigns.
Just push “Submit” and watch bad results drop off page 1 to STAY.

I Couldn’t Get That “Bad Page” To Go Away!
I told my Aunt no problem I can help. I’m suppose to be a SEO Guru, right? I’ve consulted with many others with reputation management problems and helped them. This will be a piece of cake!
WRONG! I don’t know if you ever tried to knock an authority .GOV page out of google, but that thing just would not budge!  I tried all the usual tactics for removing pages like this, and nothing worked.
I’m supposed to be this guru SEO wizard, and yet I could not get it to move. It was driving me nuts.

Then I Discovered
The “Reputation” Google Ranking Factor
Finally, I went back to the drawing board. Forget backlinks. Forget press releases, web 2.0 pages, and all the other standard ways to do this.  I didn’t want to do negative SEO because it was my Aunt’s business and wanted to stay at least “greyhat.”
I went through the archives of my SEO mastermind groups and private blackhat forums. Had anyone dealt with this before?
And there it was, buried deep, a discussion about a totally different ranking factor that had nothing to do with backlinks or articles or pagecount.

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