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Chad Kimball – Live Linkedin Advanced Course

Name Product: Chad Kimball – Live Linkedin Advanced Course
Market price: $997
Author: Chad Kimball
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Time to Serve Divorce
Papers to Google.
They Will Never Screw
With Your Online Profits Again!
I’ll Teach You to Profit from
LinkedIn’s 225 Million
Wealthy Users Instead
Not Only That,
Linkedin Will Even Bring You
FOUR Times More Income
Than Facebook or Email Marketing!
(My Own Tests Show This, Read Below)

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Linkedin Hubspot Data
I ignored Linkedin for years. Wrote it off thinking it was only for job postings and recruiters. I didn’t think Linkedin could provide the volume of traffic and hungry leads that I was looking for.
But then a friend who is in the insurance niche told me he was making great sales with it.
As I asked around, others reported similar success–profits, sales, and tons of leads from linkedin.
So I decided to test it myself.

My First Small Test,
Bringing In $9,162.44, Confirmed It:
Linkedin Leads are HYPER Responsive!

When I tested it myself on a small promotion, Linkedin traffic was FOUR times more responsive than email and Facebook.
Maybe it was just a fluke?
I was also promoting via email and facebook, tracking and comparing results (some of that 9K came from those sources), but maybe my tracking was faulty?
But then I read some shocking statistics from a very large and knowledgable online marketing firm that confirmed my results, almost down to the exact numbers:

A large number of business owners use the Hubspot system to generate online leads for their businesses. Hubspot has access to all this data.
When Hubspot took a look at the data, LinkedIn generated the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.60%, four times higher than Twitter (.67%) and seven times better than Facebook (.39%).
Now, in my mind, these conversion rates from the hubspot users are really crappy. I generate easily 10 times higher conversion rates.
Why are my Linkedin results so much higher than the average user?
The Linkedin Tactics I Used Were NOT Normal
But before I go any farther, I should probably stop here and admit something to you.
I’ve been using Linkedin tactics that are “mostly” whitehat, but still, the average Linkedin user doesn’t know this stuff.
If you know what you are doing, you can squeeze much more cash out of Linkedin than most people realize.
Before I ran this $9,000 test, my staff and I experimented, tested, and tweaked our Linkedin strategies.
I bought every linkedin course I could get my hands on.
But most of these trainings didn’t have any new information.
Many of these courses were downright shallow and boring.  I applied what they taught but with very limited results.
I knew folks were making great money from Linkedin (many were reporting profits in the THOUSANDS from a single Linkedin lead). But HOW WERE THEY DOING IT?
Then, I finally got two guys to spill the beans. We’ll call them MR.X and MR.Y.
One of them was making huge profits selling through webinars on Linkedin. The other was building databases containing thousands of leads through Linkedin exclusively.
I studied their methods. I saw the results they were getting first hand. I spied on them (don’t tell) and went back to the drawing board.
For 2 months straight, we pounded Linkedin.
We sent out thousands of messages to Linkedin users and measured response rates. I increased my network from ZERO to 1,572,687 members.
I got a team of outsourcers to pummel Linkedin every day.
But still, these guys were doing everything MANUALLY, which was a ton of work. So I built software to automate what they were doing, and this was when I really started to see some awesome results!

Then, I Got Banned From Linkedin!
Actually we got banned from Linkedin 5 or 6 times–oops!
I was pushing Linkedin to the limits of what it could do with this software I had created. It generated tons of leads for me, but it was maxing out the Linkedin servers.
An insurance agent client of mine allowed me to use his Linkedin account for testing and I got him banned too.

I thought my Linkedin career was over!

Not only that, I had gotten a client’s account banned as well.
I was sweating.
I had already started bragging in my private membership area that I was rocking it with Linkedin (I know I know, don’t count your chickens before they hatch)
I’m so thankful for my patient, persevering staff (especially aubreii, you’ve probably emailed her through my support desk if you have any of my products).
We spent many hours researching the problem and we got our accounts back.  We tweaked the software so now it can pound linkedin 24-7, generating leads without getting banned!
On top of that, I can now teach you all about Linkedin Account Bans in my paid course.

At this point you might think:
Why Doesn’t Chad Just Give Up
And Play By Linkedin’s Rules?

I won’t even have to tell you why… when you see what this software can do.
You’ll see the massive increase of leads the software can generate for you. It can get you far more than you’ll ever get doing manual work.
So, Why am I telling you all this?
Because I have personally forced Linkedin to the very edge of what it can do for your business.

And I can teach you what I know.

Learn from me and you don’t have to experiment, wasting time and energy (and maybe risk your entire Linkedin account).
Think It Won’t Happen To You?
Linkedin Commonly Bans Users,
Even for WHITE Hat Business Use!
Here are some unsuspecting users who got banned from when they tried doing business on Linkedin without knowing my techniques (these users were doing 100% whitehat activities!)

Not Only Will You Get My Linkedin Leads Software,
You’ll also Learn All This
In my Linkedin Video Course:
How to add 101 million people to your network within a few days.
How to use a little known area of linkedin that allows you to send bulk messages to people who have ASKED to be on your “linkedin email list.” –send THOUSANDS of messages at a time, for free.
Get large numbers of connection requests sent to you–people ready to buy your products and services.
How to send messages to members who are NOT your connections, and have them thank you for it!
Discover a hidden area of linkedin that will function as an autoresponder for you. Few utilize this powerful hidden function.
How to import email addresses into Linkedin and have it NOT count against your limit!
How to get almost all premium account features with a free account.
How to see full profiles of prospects who are outside your network.
Learn which part of your profile gives away your secrets to your competitors, and how to hide it. believe me your competitors are looking, you would be surprised!
How to join more than 50 linkedin groups.  Groups are a MAJOR way to get new leads, and your competitors are only allowed to join 50 groups. We’ll show you how you can join far more than 50, multiplying your lead generation efforts far beyond your competitors!
How to move your linkedin contacts to facebook and email lists quickly and profitably
How to add video and other rich media content to your linkedin page.
Change your linkedin profile from a resume to a sales letter and watch sales skyrocket!
How to send unlimited messages to linkedin members per day, bypassing the normal limits, for FREE. These are targeted members that you can select based on background, income level, company, geography, resume, age, (list the other criteria that you could come up with re: groups)

The Linkedin Cash Course
Don’t Delay To Learn Linkedin Profit Secrets NOW:

Linkedin is Getting Crowded!
As of a few months ago, they hit 225 million members.
If you put all the Linkedin users together in their own country, it would have the 5th largest population in the world! Thats bigger than Brazil!
I’m talking about a population equal to France, UK, and Italy combined.
And with the techniques I’m going to teach you, you can reach all these people with the click of a button.

Quantcast confirms this, profiling most linkedin visitors as being older, no kids, graduate school degreed…
And best of all, making between $100,000-$150,000 per year.

What does this mean for you?
That means Linkedin users have plenty of extra money to spend on your products and services!

The Linkedin Cash Course
In my LinkedIn Cash Course, You Will Get…
Six Power Packed Sessions
With Chad Kimball

Session 1: Hands Off Lead Generation
Detailed Instructions for Using our Linkedin Cash Software tools for hands-off Lead Generation.
See List of Tools in the comparison chart above.

Session 2:  The Linkedin Search Algorithm
Revealing the Linkedin search algorithm; making sure your profile shows up high in Linkedin search.
(225 Million members searching on Linkedin, get your profile to the top so the traffic goes to you when people search!)
How to get a massive number of connections without getting banned.
Setting up your profile as a sales letter that generates sales and leads, NOT an online resume that turns people off.

Sessions 3 and 4: The Hidden Cash Cow of Linkedin
The hidden area of Linkedin that works like a massive email list generator.
Not many know how to properly utilize this profit machine. But those that know how are creating lists with 15,000+ prospects and customers in many different niches.
Linkedin’s entire “mailing list database builder” section is 100% free. They even send the messages with their own server! (deliverability shoots up through the roof!)
I’ll provide some custom software specifically created for this section of Linkedin, so you’ll be even more profitable than the wealthy folks using it manually!
I’ve sent almost 12,000 messages through ONE linkedin account in past couple weeks, to very targeted prospects in one of my niches. You can do this too, I’ll teach you in this session.

Session 5: Automated, High Volume Linkedin Prospecting
I used to ignore Linkedin because I thought it couldn’t bring me the VOLUME of leads I needed to build a large business. Not Anymore!!
In this session I’ll teach you the secrets I discovered to getting a large number of highly qualified leads from Linkedin, ready to do deals with you or buy your products and services!
A lot of folks are making good money with LinkedIn, but doing it all on a very small scale (a couple people per day or week). This session will show you how to scale it up very large, much larger than your business colleagues or competitors. They’ll wonder how you’re doing it!
Session 6: Developing Your Linkedin Lead Funnel
I will teach you how I take Linkedin users from total strangers to being repeat customers, all using Linkedin’s own 100% free systems.
I’ll also teach you how to get Linkedin users OFF Linkedin into your other sales systems (email lists, call centers, facebook, etc…)

Chad Kimball – Live Linkedin Advanced Course Contains: Video, PDF
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