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Author: :Jonathan Levi, Lev Goldentouch, Anna Goldentouch
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Why Become a SuperLearner?
Whether you’re a student, a professional, or simply embarking on a new hobby, you are forced to grapple with an ever-increasing amount of information and knowledge.

3The core of this course is “Super Skills”
– Increase reading speed by up to 3X with high (80%+) comprehension and understanding
– Memory techniques for storing and recalling vast amounts of information quickly and accurately
– Developing the cognitive infrastructure to support this flood of new information long-term
Course Curriculum
Section 1: Introduction & Setting Yourself Up for Success
Section 2: Understanding Your Memory (So You Can Improve It!)
Section 3: The Incredible Power of Visual Memory
Section 4: Mental Markers: Visual Memory Meets Learning
Section 5: Pre-Reading and Preparation
Section 6: Read With Your Eyes, Not With Your Inner Voice
Section 7: Let’s Speed Things Up!
Section 8: Creating & Maintaining Long Term Memories
Section 9: Good Learning Habits
Section 10: Applying Your New Skills to Anything and Everything
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Jonathan Levi
SuperLearner, Enterprenewer, Lifehacker, Author, Investor
Jonathan Levi is an experienced entrepreneur, angel investor, and lifehacker from Silicon Valley. Since 2014, Jonathan has been one of the top-performing instructors on Udemy, and has snowballed this success into the launch of his rapidly growing information products company, SuperHuman Enterprises, which produces such products as the top-rated Becoming SuperHuman Podcast; the bestselling “Become a SuperLearner” print, digital, and audiobooks; and numerous online courses. He is based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Dr. Lev Goldentouch
Lifehacker and technology guru
Dr Lev Gold finished PhD in machine learning and information theory when he was 27 years old. Understanding of similarity of machine learning and human super-learning allowed Lev to learn immense amounts of knowledge in many technological and cognitive subjects. Immediately afterwards Lev opened a consulting company, which offers its services to highly skilled individuals, agile startups and technological giants like Samsung. The super-learning tools developed by Lev allow ordinary people to learn x10 speed of their colleagues, and enable machines to solve extremely complex problems. Lev is an active lifehacker, constantly looking for new and better ways to do things, and willing to share his unique knowledge and experience with others.

Prof. Anna Goldentouch
Education guru
Prof. Anna Goldentouch started teaching super-learning skills when she was 17 years old. Anna developed the super-learning abilities as a tool to deal with personal dyslexia, after taking several courses on super-learning. After finishing advanced degrees in education and sociology, Anna started to teach in Bar Ilan and Ben Gurion Universities in Israel. Anna’s courses on speedreading, memory development and didactic techniques are extremey popular with students. Anna also provides consulting services and training for various big companies and government services. Anna made her mission to teach people how to learn in better, more efficient and fulfilling way.

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