Bob Proctor & Sandy Gallagher – Think and Grow Rich (Full Seminar )

Name Product: Bob Proctor & Sandy Gallagher – Think and Grow Rich (Full Seminar )
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Author: Bob Proctor & Sandy Gallagher
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The Science of Getting Rich Seminar is based on the Wallace D. Wattles Book that inspired the hit book and documentary, The Secret. Some would say it teaches the foundation and real meaning of personal growth as well as personal wealth.
There Is a Definite Science to Getting Rich – a lawful process.

Getting rich in all areas of your life, including financial wealth, relationships, health, fulfillment and peace of mind – and at this event Bob and Sandy will share:
Exactly what you need to do to experience more riches in your life
What they have learned from their combined decades of study and application in the principles, laws and science that govern our results
The science to being, doing and having more

The Science of Getting Rich Event is world renowned for being powerful and life changing. If you want time and money freedom, better health, more meaningful relationships or all of the above, this is the event for you. Success is not a secret – it’s a science, and when you understand the elements of success your goals and dreams go from being probable to possible.
“I know your goals and dreams are important to you – and I know with absolute certainty that through our LIVE Science of Getting Rich Seminar we can show you exactly how to accomplish anything you truly want.”
– Bob Proctor

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