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Author: Monica Birdsong, Los Silva,Tanner Larson, Ben Adkins
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Four Top Recurring Revenue Experts Come Together.
To Teach You The Secrets to Building a Membership Site that can Generate $1 Million in Revenue Per Year.

Monica Birdsong: Business Systems and Software Design Expert
Los Silva: Partnerships and SaaS Sales Expert
Ben Adkins: Membership Structure and Sales Expert
Tanner Larson: Online Continuity Content and Membership Expert

Membership Site Genius

Million Dollar Membership Site Component 1
Solving the Want Crisis
(This is all about Traffic)
The Secret Resources to Find a crowd of people that will pay you $97 per month each.Our goal is 84k per month which is around 860 members)
In this module we will walk you through:
How to Find an Audience that is Highly Passionate about a Topic
How to Make Sure they have the income to spend on a $97 per month membership that is information based.
How to make sure that they are reachable via advertising or organic marketing methods.
The Growth Hacking Secrets to Building up Your Membership that won’t cost you and arm and a leg.

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