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Ben Adkins – Foolproof Facebook Ad Formula

Name Product: Ben Adkins – Foolproof Facebook Ad Formula
Market price: $99
Author: Ben Adkins
Home sale: https://fearlesssocial.samcart.com/products/foolproof-facebook-ad-formula

A Step by Step Facebook Advertising System Designed to Help you Get Cheaper Clicks and Get More Engagement on Your Facebook Ads (through making minor but powerful changes).

So… Who is This For?
If you have a product for sale that you’d
like to get in front of more of the right people,
this Blueprint will Change Your Business in a big way.
What’s Inside of My “Foolproof Facebook Ad Formula”?

The Full Ad Maturing System
You’ll get all of the details on why bidding low and being a little more patient is the secret to creating ads that are insanely cheap (as long as you follow the formula and get good engagement… more on that in the next bullet point)

Click to”show”=>Download For Vip Member
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: [email protected]


My 6 Part Ad Creation Formula
6 Power Pieces that you must focus on in order to create an ad that is a little “odd”. This simple ad creative formula makes ads that are shareable and hard not to click on. Yes… This Type of Ad Creative makes People want to SHARE Your Ad.

My Simple Ad Image Creation Formula
I’ll show you the powerful psychological triggers that I use when selecting an ad image. Doing this will take a few extra minutes when you look for an ad image, but the results make it worth it in a big way.

The Brand Image Secret
Most people don’t realize how much this little image matters to your ad. When you shift how you use this image, however, you’ll notice a big spike in engagement because people stop feeling marketed to.

My Post Text Rule
I’ll show you the simple reason why “less is more” when writing the text that surrounds your ad.

My Ad Headline Formula
This is worth 100x what you’ll pay for the course. You could ignore everything else in the course and this one thing would change your ad clickthrough immediately (but don’t ignore the other stuff… I want you to get every advantage possible in your next ad campaign!)

The Ad Comment, Like, and Share Secret
I’ll show you why my ads get a ton of likes, comments, and shares, while most people can’t even get link clicks. I’ll also walk you through why getting likes, comments and shares is extremely important to your ad spend going down.

How to Put It All Together in 1 Ad.
You’ll learn how to put everything you learn about my ad formula together to create an ad that plays perfectly into Facebook’s Ad Algorithm.

But Hang On…
I’m not done.
You can get everything inside of the Foolproof Facebook Ads Formula for the crazy price I’ve offered for the first 300, or you can invest a little more and get the “Foolproof Facebook Ads Advanced” Package…
What’s Inside the Advanced Package?

You Get Everything Inside of Foolproof Facebook Ads and you’ll also get access to a my Proprietary “Facebook Ad Targeting Formula”.
When you use the Foolproof Ad Formula with the Foolproof Targeting Formula you’ll see the real secret behind why I pay 50% less for my ads than most people on the planet.
The Targeting Techniques Inside the Advanced Package Include:

My 3 Part Facebook Ad Targeting Technique.
My Broad Targeting Method.
Income Based Targeting Explained.
My Secret Weapon: Buyer Intent Targeting.
How to Combine all 3 for Rock Bottom Ad Spend and Maximum Conversions.
This simple 3 Part Facebook Ad Targeting Method has been a secret weapon for myself and my mastermind members for months and now you can get access to it for your business.

Ben Adkins – Foolproof Facebook Ad Formula Contains: Videos, PDF
Download from Rapidgator
Download from Nitroflare
***If link dead, please leave a message,or to send message to a [email protected]  We will update immediately***[/premium]

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