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Bedros Keuilian Craig & Ballantyne – Online Info Blueprint

Name Product: Bedros Keuilian Craig & Ballantyne –  Online Info Blueprint
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Author: Bedros Keuilian Craig & Ballantyne
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My name is Bedros Keuilian and I’m an Online Marketer, which pretty much means I sell information such as my expertise, knowledge and solutions to tens of thousands of people on the Internet every month.

In fact, this guy does, too.
His name a Craig Ballantyne and he makes millions of dollars selling information products like e-books, video training, and membership sites online.

And we can show you how to do exactly what we do so that you can help more people and make more money using the reach and the power of the World Wide Web…
…best of all your online info business can give you the financial freedom to work from anywhere in the world, make really good money, and upgrade your lifestyle as long as you have an internet connection.We do it all the time.
And so do our clients who make millions of dollars each year by turning their knowledge and expertise into online info products and selling it to people worldwide.

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Right now, somewhere out in the world, someone is frustrated and looking for the solution that you offer.
In fact, there are lost folks out there, utterly distraught because they are unable to become who or what they wish to be. They hate their lives, their jobs, even themselves, because they need something.
Know what it is? It’s you.
They’re trying to become what they have always dreamt of being but they simply don’t know how. You see, they have a problem and you may have the solution, but until and unless these people find and buy your product they’ll never be happy.
And that’s the secret to online information marketing… creating a solution to a problem.
You know what that’s like, don’t you?
You have a great idea for an info product. You know that your product can help hundreds of thousands of people worldwide…
…and you know that your product belongs online.
You hear about so many different ways to start an online business that after a while it just gets confusing, intimidating, and overwhelming.?
I know the feeling.
Back in 2001 I spent over $135,000 on my first online info business and it still didn’t sell, get leads, or get found on the web.
I felt hopeless about the whole thing.
I bought the courses, went to the seminars, and hired “experts” who said they could help me.
Unfortunately I learned the hard way. There’s no man on a white horse who’s going to gallop in and save the day.
I had to figure it out on my own.
And these days it seems even more difficult to start an online business with all the complexities out there…
…do you create a blog, buy traffic, hire an SEO team, do social media, make a squeeze page, write copy or make a video sales letter?
Or do you make your product a physical one, or digital?

Ebook or videos?
Membership site or micro continuity?
And that’s probably why most people who have an idea to create an online info product never get around to it. It’s just too overwhelming.
So then you continue to “dabble” with the idea of making an info product, but you just never seem to get around to it.
And in the meantime all those people who could use your product to solve the problem they have are suffering… or they’re buying someone else’s product.
What’s worse is that YOU continue to live on a limited income. You’re probably making a fraction of what you could be making if you could just get your information product launched and selling online.
That’s no way to live. You deserve better. And your future clients and customers deserve your product.

Now imagine how wonderful it would be to bring in all the income you need in order to have the lifestyle you want to live, all while simultaneously helping the people who need your product to improve their own lives and increase their standard of living.
So get excited, because you’re about to get started on what will become the most incredible, most rewarding, and most profitable venture of your life.
Warning: Online get-rich-quick scams are swindling people out of thousands of dollars by promising over night success. REAL online success only happens when you productize your knowledge, deliver value, and build your business through the proven 30-day blueprint found on this site.
Information is king. And in today’s e-commerce and tech-centered culture if you have information, knowledge, expertise or a solution to sell then the Internet is where you stand to make a lot of money.
But most people don’t know the first thing about creating an online product, let alone marketing and selling it.
Then there’s a small group of people who know the secret to creating an online info business.
They are not only out there teaching it, but they actually do it. This is how we make our living… by actually doing what we teach, and teaching what we do.
Now, you’re probably wondering who I am and how I can help you.
As I said before, my name is Bedros Keuilian and I’m an Online Marketer and business coach. So is my good friend Craig Ballantyne.
You may not have heard of us before, but if you’ve bought any kind of health, fitness, diet, or nutrition information products online, odds are, you’ve done business with us or one of our clients.
I’ve been called the hidden genius behind many of the top income generating information products online. Over the years I’ve helped hundreds of up and coming online info marketers create massively successful six, multiple six and seven figure producing online businesses.
I’ve done it myself dozens of times and helped many of my friends and clients become incredibly successful with their online businesses, too.
In fact, I’m the guy the expert author turned to when she needed to have a massive book launch. The result was over 21,000 copies sold in only four days. I’m guessing that was some kind of an online sales record.
I’m also the guy that has helped two franchises set industry growth records by strictly selling their business model online to business opportunity seekers, rather than the old fashioned way of tradeshows and magazine advertisements.
I’m also the guy that’s taken a simple idea in a niche industry and created a membership site out of it that now generates over $93,000 a month on a recurring basis.
In fact this same membership site has an average “stick rate” of 19 months per customer, yet another record, considering the average online membership site stick rate is only four months.
Then there’s Craig Ballantyne, and in addition to running multiple online businesses in the health, fitness, and financial freedom industries – he’s the guy that helped an online supplement company grow from zero to $100,000,000/year in only three and a half years.
He’s also the guy who taught a stay at home mom how to create a diet program and launch it online, and today she’s generating 7 figures a year from her online diet program that has sold in over 29 countries worldwide.
I’m not telling you any of this to impress you…
…I’m telling you this to impress upon you that when it comes to creating, marketing, selling, and building an online info business we’ve been told that we have the Midas touch.
And the testimonials and success stories down below will prove it…
Craig and I have dedicated our lives to helping entrepreneurs like yourself grow their businesses on the internet and win their financial freedom.
And now we want to help you take your idea, knowedge or expertise and turn it into an online business over the next 30-days.

We’ve created this extensive training program to teach people just like you how they can take their personal knowledge and transform it into a six-figure (even seven figure) generating online info product.
How the Online Info Blueprint Came About…
Craig and I run a very successful mastermind-coaching program that’s dedicated to helping online entrepreneurs create, launch, and profit with their info products.
We call this mastermind group the 100K Info Mastermind because our goal with it is to get our clients on pace to generating 100K in 12 months…
…and that’s why each member happily pays $25,000/year for a membership.
In fact, the program is so popular that we’ve now grown it into two groups – and at the moment there’s a six month wait to join the 100K Info Mastermind.However, since more and more people want to work with us, and since we really can’t take on any more coaching clients (because we don’t have time to start a third group)…
…we decided to put on a seminar a few months ago where Craig and I shared our complete 30-days blueprint to creating, launching and selling online info products.
In a nutshell, we compressed everything we teach in one year within our 100K Info Mastermind and distilled it down to a weekend workshop that delivered a 30-day blueprint to online info marketing success.
Over 300 people came from five countries to learn and apply what we taught, and I have to be honest, and tell you that we simply did not disappoint.
Thankfully for you, we also filmed the entire weekend and have made it available for you here on this page.
Alright, I’m pretty sure I know what you’re thinking right about now, so first, let’s answer some of those questions that are whizzing through your head.


Learn what’s right for your idea, market, and knowledge
Find out how you can explore your options and find the perfect fit
Discover the perfect format for your product distribution and learn what always works and what always fails
Delve into the creative process and learn how the most successful design and create their products
Find out when you should keep creating, when your product is done, and when it’s time to sell
Learn how to make your product different and more attractive than everything else out there
Get tons of tips and tricks that will help your Information Product shake things up and get results


Learn all the basics of sales copy and how you can use it
Find out what words and phrases are most effective when pitching a sale in print
Learn how professionals use certain tools and techniques to ensure success and huge sales
Get a complete checklist of all successful sales copy elements so that you can know everything you need to write successful copy
Find out what it takes to grab and hold a reader’s attention
Learn all the mistakes the best copywriters have already made so you don’t have to
Access secrets that no one else in the advertising industry is willing to share except us


Learn how to build a massive list of prospective clients and customers
Discover the importance of an Email list for any online marketer
Find out how you can use an Email list to bring in tons of sales
Get access to techniques that we professionals use to get contact information from hundreds of thousands of prospects
Allow us to show you which list building strategies are scams and which ones will skyrocket your sales off the charts
Learn easy methods for crafting squeeze pages with the potential to add thousands of Emails to your list


Find out what it takes to get readers to see, open, and respond to your Email copy
Learn how to craft enticing headlines, sub-headlines, and irresistible Email offers
Use our template for composing the perfect Email marketing campaign every time
Finally understand exactly what affiliate marketing is and explore all of its subtle nuances
Let us show you the best, tried and true methods for discovering affiliates and making lasting affiliate relationships
Make huge sales and find massive amounts of repeat customers from affiliate and promotional relationships


Delve into the real, fool-proof, no nonsense methods that bring legitimate traffic to your websites and squeeze pages
Find out all of the free techniques we use to get thousands of customers from Search Engine Optimization
Crack the Google, Bing, Yahoo, and YouTube advertisement codes.
Discover how you can create, afford, and utilize today’s plethora of Pay Per Click options
Learn how to track and record advertisements so that you can optimize, prioritize, and augment your paid advertisement results
Get past your fears and navigate online advertising like a true master


Learn all the little known tips and tricks that allow millionaires to become hugely successful business owners and operators
Get access to the secrets that boost sales, increase margins, and get new customers
Discover all the life-hacks and mindset must-haves that will boost your productivity and success
Find out what keeps most people from ever becoming successful and how you can combat those common mistakes
Understand when a task is worth your time and when it should be outsourced to outside talent
Receive advice that will allow you to overcome all your fears, run your business with as little inefficacy as possible, and stretch your investments to make the most possible profits

This is Every Online Marketer’s Dream! An Incredible Course That Will Give You Unrestricted Access to the Most Powerful Online Information Marketing Secrets, Taught to You by Guys who are Actually in the Trenches and Making Multiple Seven Figures Year After Year.

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