Barrie Hetirachi – Advanced Five Point Pattern

Barrie Hetirachi's Advanced Five Point Pattern Workshop
Name Product: Barrie Hetirachi – Advanced Five Point Pattern
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Author: Barrie Hetirachi

With Wave59, you have access to the most Advanced Trading Platform on the market, as well as a robust selection of supplemental educational materials to take your trading success to the next level. Earik Beann is not only a CTA and the developer of Wave59, he is also an accomplished author of many books covering a wide array of advanced trading tools and techniques. The books and DVDs below, when used in conjunction with Wave59, put Powered by Genius™ into overdrive!

Barrie Hetirachi’s Advanced Five Point Pattern Workshop
Trading Pro Barrie Hetirachi, featured speaker at the 2009 and 2011 PowerUser Conferences and 21+ year professional trader, opens up his toolkit and reveals his Advanced Five Point Pattern Tools in this workshop. Includes both theory, trading application, and tons of examples. Purchasers of this material will receive access to the “advanced” tab in the Five-Point drawing tool found in Wave59, as well as access to a private forum moderated by Barrie.

After taking this webinar you will:
1. Find new trading opportunities that would otherwise be hidden, well ahead of time, in whatever market you trade, across any time frame
2. Learn how to find precise support and resistance levels for targeting
3. Discover how to trade one pattern multiple times along a time window that can span weeks to months to years
4. More easily identify opportunities and risks using the market’s own vibration
5. Walk away with an infusion of fresh new ideas and concepts to energize your trading mind
6. Know how to use these advanced tools to filter out chaos and gain a balanced perspective of the market
7. Own a set of precision tools not available to the masses, freeing you to master the market on your own terms

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