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Alex Jeffreys – Inner Circle Farewell Offer

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As you may already know, for the past 5 years I’ve been teaching arguably the most successful coaching program in the entire internet marketing niche.
To date, over 15,000 eager students have applied for acceptance into this program and we get 400+ applications a month, every month.
Because, pound for pound, this training has created more success stories than any other program in internet marketing history.
And I’ve loved every minute of teaching it!
I’m so THRILLED to see how many lives have been transformed after going through this program, and I’m honoured to have played my part.
But like all good things… this too must come to an end.
I’m Finally Putting This Badboy To Rest…You see, as a self-confessed serial entrepreneur I’m constantly looking for the next challenge.
And to cut a long story short, after dominating the internet marketing space for the past 5 years I’ve moved my business into a completely new niche.

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So at the end of January 2016 I closed down my Inner Circle coaching program for good.
We accepted one last group of coaching clients who I’ll be working with closely for the next 6 months… and then firmly closed the doors for good.
Now, just before making the announcement I was aware this was going to have a bit of an impact… but I certainly wasn’t prepared for the hundreds of messages that came pouring in from customers and followers of our business – many of whom have been following me since I started my business over 10 years ago!
It’s been an emotional time to say the least.
And having read every single message from start to finish, it’s come to my attention that we’re actually leaving a pretty big void in our wake… and the demand for honest, proven to work online business training is even greater now more than ever.
Which is why I’ve decided to make one final offer for you to gain access to the same training that’s created so many success stories before it’s locked away forever.
If Your Answer To Any of The 5 Questions Below is a “Yes!”…
…then this will probably be THE most important message you read this year.

1. Are you fed up of going around in circles bouncing from one “shiny object” to the next?
2. Are you tired of trying to make sense of the internet marketing “jigsaw puzzle” while getting yourself lost down rabbit holes and dead ends that lead nowhere?
3. Do you want someone with an unrivalled track record of helping others to simplify this process for you and make your path to success 100 times clearer?
4. Are you looking for a proven, easy to follow system that walks you through the entire process of building your online business step by step?
5. Do you want access to the real secrets of building an online business normally reserved ONLY for high end coaching programs?
If you answered ‘YES’ to any of the above, then keep reading…
Because after starting out as a pretty “normal” guy in South Wales (UK) to being in the driving seat of a multi-million dollar online business… I can safely say there is NO better feeling than being able to “make money out of thin air” and earn a full-time living online working part-time hours!
If you (really) want this kind of lifestyle for yourself too… and you’re finally ready to explode your online business in 2016, then gaining access to my Inner Circle training will be the smartest thing you ever do.
This comprehensive, 7 module, 40+ hour program will reveal the exact steps you need to take to build a hyper profitable online business… in the fastest possible time and without the expensive learning curve of trying to do it on your own.
It’s chock-full of field tested, systematic step by step strategies that you can immediately put to work and start making online profits almost right away.
Here’s Why My ‘Inner Circle’ Step By Step Training Is The LAST Program You’ll Ever Need…
Inside my Inner Circle training I’ve fully deconstructed my business building blueprint and delivered it inside 7 modules of powerful, easy to follow step by step training.
Each module is made up of several lessons containing over 6 hours of content to make sure I’ve got you covered for every aspect of building your business.
Here are some very brief highlights of what I cover inside my Inner Circle training since there are far too many lessons in here to list them all…

Module #1 – The Foundation (The Inner Game of Building an Online Business)
If building your online business was as easy as following a simple set of instructions then everyone would be making a HUGE success right?
Wrong! Because one of the biggest obstacles that holds newbies back is… THEMSELVES.
So in this first module I’m giving you my tried and tested secrets on exactly how I motivate myself and my students to take massive action and blast through success barriers that 95% of beginners never get past.
As you go through this module you’ll discover…
–    My powerful ‘Thinking Inside The Box’ concept, and how I’ve used this strategy to boost my creativity and productivity many times over.
–    How I then go deeper and take this powerful concept further by fitting entire projects into one “box” for gaining absolute focus (HINT: this process is probably NOT what you’re thinking)
–    My ‘Green Light Training’ technique for knowing exactly what I need to be focusing on each day to drive my business forward and reach my goals in record time.
–    My quick and easy techniques for destroying procrastination, and pushing past resistance whenever it rears its ugly head!
–    “20 questions you should ask yourself every Sunday”, and how following this simple process will juice you up with MORE creative energy, MORE motivation, and MORE momentum to crush it every week in your business.
How to boost your productivity using “M.I.T’s” (some of my biggest business breakthroughs have happened from using this one technique alone)
…and much, much more!

Module #2 – Finding a Profitable Idea(How to Dominate Your Niche Like A Boss!)
I see so many people online getting this step completely wrong… and it usually ends up costing them weeks, months, or even years of pain and misery of not making any sales.
In fact, I’d be willing to bet this very step is responsible for the vast majority of failed online businesses to date.
Get this step right however, and you can enter ANY niche and quickly position yourself at the top of the pack with ease.
As you go through this module you’ll discover…
–    My proprietary “Deep Niche Research” techniques for figuring out exactly what individuals in your niche want… and how to present it to them in a way that shows you know them better than they know themselves.
–    My “Marketing Intel 101” strategies and how to use them for gaining extremely valuable intel on your target audience and hitting the marketing bullseye with your message every single time.
–   Bonus Research Tips – in this session I show you some extra advanced tips and tricks you can use to become a master of market research in your niche and give you the ultimate edge over your competition.
–    The ultimate Do’s and Don’ts you MUST abide by before you even think of creating a product!
…and much, much more!

Module #3 – How To Create a Super Product (How to Easily Create High Quality Products In A Fraction Of The Time)
In this module I share my closely guarded strategies on how to become a product creation powerhouse.
When you possess the ability to create high quality info products on demand, this truly is a game-changer.
Not being able to create products fast is a huge stumbling block for most newbies and it’s another one of the biggest reasons why they never get their businesses off the ground.
As you go through this training you’ll discover…
–    My ‘L.A.T. method’ for brainstorming and coming up with unique ideas for info products that your market will go crazy for (HINT: I’ve been using this method since as early as 2007 yet I’ve only recently gained full clarity on this process and started teaching it to others)
–    The key framework you MUST use for creating an info product from scratch – miss out any of these steps and your product is doomed to failure.
–    Multiple methods for creating products in record time – this is my essential bag of tricks for quickly creating quality info products on the fly in just a few hours (no more spending days or weeks to create your products!)
–    A simple “mind technique” for fleshing out the details of your products so fast it will actually scare you how quick this process can actually be.
–    How to “Create a product… without creating a product” – this is a simple process I’ve used many times in the past, and it’s one of the first things I recommend my students do when creating their entry level products and making instant sales in any niche.
–    The key steps for creating quality “High Ticket” products and how to structure them so that you can charge 10x more.
…and much, much more!

Module #4 – How To Write Words That Sell (How To Grab Your Target Audience By The Eyeballs And Get Them To Buy)
In this module I show you how to harness the extreme power of world-class copywriting secrets to make a ton more sales, and get your info products flying off the shelves.
As long as you know the essential key ingredients of a winning sales letter (or sales video) then you don’t need to re-invent the wheel.
I show you exactly how to virtually “copy and paste” each of these ingredients to create a potent sales letter that’s like having a 24/7 sales person making money for you while you sleep.
As you go through this training you’ll discover…
–    My “Super Stacker System” for cranking out sales letters from scratch in super fast time.
–    The 16-Step check list I use for creating hard-hitting sales letters in an almost “copy and paste” fashion… while making sure there are no essential ingredients missing.
–    How and when to use good old fashioned pen and paper during the writing process… and how to speed the process up by 2 to 3 times.
–    How to write mouth-watering bullets that GRAB your reader’s attention and gets them to buy just from reading the bullets alone.
–    The real difference between features and benefits… and how I take this a step further by showing you how to pay attention to the “benefits of benefits” under the surface (HINT: this is what is really motivating your prospects when they buy your products)
–    How to write the perfect headline that hooks your readers in and glues them to the page every time.
…and much, much more!

Module #5 – Super Automation (How to Get Your Time Back and Put Your Business On Auto-Pilot)
In this module I take you through the exact steps of automating every aspect of your business, so you can free up your time while your business is making sales and running like a finely tuned machine in the background.
This is the “fun” part where you get to see all the money coming into your business and then deploy simple systems and processes that manage your business for you everyday like clockwork.
As you go through this training you’ll discover…
–    The simplest way to set up a fully automated payment process for your customers to go through when buying your products (this is how you truly make money while you sleep).
–    How to automate each step of your product delivery so your customers happily gain access to their products without you having to lift a finger.
–    How to tweak your product to make it “JVZoo-ready” and take advantage of this powerful selling platform.
–    How to remove ALL the overwhelm from your sales and marketing process so that you have minimal moving parts and fewer points of failure in your business.
–    How to put simple systems in place that free up hours of your time each day allowing you to step away from the “busy work” in your business and create more time for focusing on higher level tasks and living the REAL internet lifestyle.
…and much, much more!

Module #6 – Turn on The Traffic Tap (How To Command Avalanches of Targeted Traffic To Your Business At Will)
This module is all about driving traffic… which is probably the most widely taught aspect of building an online business, yet so few people can really make it work.
Here at MarketingWithYou one of our biggest strengths is our ability to generate masses of targeted traffic to our products and offers using strategies that hardly anyone else is using… and in this module I show you exactly how we do it.
As you go through this module you’ll discover…
–    My behind-the-scenes “Traffic Rush” method, and how we use it to quickly send tons of highly qualified traffic to our brand new offers like flicking a switch.
–    My “Secret Affiliate Sniper” strategy for bagging the top affiliates in your marketplace and virtually guaranteeing they’ll be on board to promote your offers and send you their best traffic.
–    The 5 essential things you must do to manage your affiliates and keep them happily promoting for you and sending you lots of traffic on a long term basis.
–    The ONE key metric to focus on that guarantees your affiliates promote for you over anyone else in your marketplace… and why they’ll keep coming back for more.
–    How to become a master of using solo ads to drive quick blasts of high-converting traffic to your business (WARNING: get this wrong and you’ll end up spending money on low quality traffic that will result in zero sales!)
–    What “oil rigs” and “Mexico” has to do with driving traffic… and how you can use this principle to exploit a target-rich traffic loophole I’ve been using for years.
–    How to harness the power of Facebook ads to send super-qualified traffic to your website and generate leads on a consistent basis… just like turning on a tap.
…and much, much more!

Module #7 – Backend Secrets (How To Multiply Your Profits Many Times Over While Doing Less)
If you haven’t already heard, then let me tell you that the backend of your business is where the real money is made – it’s where the magic happens!
Yet even to this day I’m shocked by how little time “marketing gurus” spend on teaching backend marketing principles, or helping their students tap into the real profit potential of their business.
Because not only is it FAR easier to make sales on the backend of your business… but if you get it right, you can also charge 3x, 5x, 10x more for your products and create loyal customers for life too.

As you go through this module you’ll discover…
–    My “email copy in a box” strategies and how to use them to “force” your subscribers to open your emails and click your links.
–    How to construct simple backend campaigns that take hardly any time to set up but continue multiplying your profits every month like clockwork.
–    How to create a highly profitable backend coaching program that’s super easy to deliver and attracts clients who will be 10x your current prices.
–    How to side-step the typical land mines many info product business owners run into when trying to sell high ticket products.
–    How to set up backend “cash machines” for multiplying your profits each month and for just a fraction of the work.
–    My backend ninja webinar strategies and how I use them for making a ton of profits on the backend of my business that hardly anyone sees.
–    How to create a buzz and sell anything to your live audiences – (when you can do this, it’s just like being able to pull money out of thin air!)

…and much, much more!
I’m sure you’ll agree there simply isn’t another program on the planet that comes close to revealing the online business building secrets contained inside my Inner Circle training.
This step by step training is truly the result of my lessons learnt after:
1. Spending 10+ long years slogging away in the marketing trenches…
2. Teaching hundreds of thousands of students from over 56 countries around the world…
3. Travelling to all corners of the earth to learn the secrets of the biggest marketing superstars in this industry…
…and painstakingly boiling everything down into a repeatable blueprint so you can skip past the expensive and frustrating learning curve, and start getting results like my students in the examples above.

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