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A Course in Cosmic Ordering – Ellen Watts

A Course in Cosmic Ordering – Ellen Watts
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Author: Ellen Watts
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What’s included

Maybe you’ve read my book “Cosmic Ordering Made Easier – How to get more of what you want, more often” and maybe you’ve been having some great successes. That’s fantastic – it’s great to have you on board and I hope by now you’ve joined my online global community membership “The Co-Creator’s Club” where for a very small monthly fee you can have 1 LIVE training webinar and 1 LIVE group coaching call every month. Plus many, many more benefits.

But 4 years after writing the book I found that people still wanted more – they wanted to get to know how to have it work for them every time and how they could get it to work for the ‘big things’ (of course, it’s the very fact that they’re calling them ‘big things’ that’s causing the stuckiness! (yes that is a real word!) but I’ll cover that more in depth and show you what to do about it on this lovely programme, right here.
I’ve created ‘ A Course in Cosmic Ordering’ – 6 week intensive’ for you if you would like to get really focused on your Cosmic Ordering abilitities and learn directly from me like a Cosmic Ordering Apprentice. Whether you want to focus on health, wealth, relationships or finding your soul mate, twin flame or whatever else you’re looking for, then this course will help you. It’s crammed full of my latest advice, detailed step by step instructions and my up-to-date stories – like my month in Australia last summer that I didn’t have to pay for and the stunning story of my gorgeous Australian opal ring!!

In this course you will learn my 4 distinct steps for Cosmic Ordering Success – plus we’ll get really down to business on those limiting beliefs that get in the way of some of your Orders getting in effectively or as quick as they should. Remeber the Universe never fails – so if things aren’t working the way we want them to – there’s always and answer and th eanswer lies with us.

But I’m getting ahead of myself – we can talk more about that on the course – because did I tell you???? – you get 2 free months of The Co-Creator’s Club to go alongside your course so you can share and learn and support and be supported and have direct access to me to ask any questions on your modules and excercises – we are going to have so much fun together!!
And I’m super excited about sharing my 30+ years of Cosmic Ordering with you and I can’t wait to hear about all your successes!
So what are you waiting for?
Love & best wishes

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A Course in Cosmic Ordering – Ellen Watts Contains: Video, PDF´s


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