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Ryan Deiss – Launch Grid 2016

Ryan Deiss – Launch Grid 2016   
Market price: $1600
Author: Ryan Deiss
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Plus Get Access To The Full 3-Part Mini-Class Including:
Video 1:
The Launch Checklist
Learn how to “failure-proof” your product launch by crafting a clear, compelling “Statement of Value” that defines exactly why someone should buy your product, and exactly why your brand deserves to win in the marketplace.

Video 2:
Your Customer Factory
Architect and optimize your very own “Predictable Selling Strategy” by modeling our simple, 8-step “assembly line” process that transform complete strangers, into interested prospects, into excited buyers, into raving fans and brand ambassadors.

Video 3:
Success Case Studies
Watch as DigitalMarketer CEO, Ryan Deiss, pulls back the curtains, and reveals our step-by-step process for converting total strangers into multi-buying super-fans (in just 8 simple steps)… Read the rest of this entry »


Copy School By Copy Hackers

Copy School By Copy Hackers

Copy School By Copy Hackers
Market price: $1997
Author: Copy Hackers
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Here’s what you’ll get
inside Copy School
Whatever systems you have, whatever product or service you’re selling and whatever market you’re serving, get everything you can out of exactly what you’ve got. When you gain functional mastery over email and web copywriting in Copy School, you’ll be able to do just that. Because success comes down to how you execute.

You’ve tried guessing your way through email and web copywriting. But to get the repeatable results you want, you need repeatable processes. Each course and module in Copy School will give you a step-by-step action plan. Read the rest of this entry »

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