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WallStreet Training – Self-Study Platform

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Name Product: WallStreet Training – Self-Study Platform
Market price: $750
Author: WallStreet Training
Home sale: http://wallst-training.com/self-study/index.html

With the WST Self-Study program, learn at your own pace on your own time. We offer all the resources you’ll need, including blank Excel templates and supplementary materials needed to follow along. Pause at any time for a break or go back when you missed a step.
All courses feature extensive use of vital shortcut keys and our very own WST Macros to keep you as efficient as possible. Remember: “Work smart, not hard.”
Ambitious learners may also pursue optional WST Certification, requiring a comprehensive knowledge of financial modeling, valuation and M&A/LBO modeling.
Self-Study Platform
We provide a systematic and rigorous approach to actual, hands-on modeling. Our fully-integrated, video-based learning platform is extremely robust and provides:

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the same content used for training our corporate clients in person
case studies with actual data, not illustrative “practice” templates
dynamic, instructional, streaming videos of the entire financial analyst program
an interactive experience; learn side-by-side with instructor and video
all Excel templates/models, presentations and PDF materials
supporting tutorials, interactive content and exhibits

Learn By Doing
No boring text-based Q&A lessons; we cover the 20 relevant pages from your 400-page textbook.
Open Excel at the same time as your web browser and follow along with the instructor.
Ask and answer course-related questions as you watch each video.

Online Corporate Training
We offer our self-study, video-based platform housing all our financial modeling courses to corporations at highly discounted prices, allowing you to:
Elevate all employees’ skills set in an extremely cost-effective manner
Standardize learning firmwide – everyone learns same content and gains same base of knowledge
Hone and instill Wall Street’s best practices internally, on a company-wide basis
Maximize learning as employees can learn at their own pace and review content as often as they wish

How It Works
Benefits to the Corporation
Cost Savings to the Corporation
WST Certification
The Wall St. Training Certificate can be granted to both classroom training and self-study clients who have successfully completed our financial modeling, valuation, M&A and LBO courses. It is an official document that confirms your completion of WST courses, as well as certifies that you have a full understanding and solid grasp of our finance topics, application of modeling, and valuation skills.
If you are interested in applying, please get in touch with us. We will send over more information including list of eligible courses, pricing structure, and grading criteria.
Certification Scoring
Excel Model Scoring
Get Certified
WST Verification of Completion
The Verification of Completion is a cost-effective, less rigorous alternative to WST Certification. It is similar to WST Certification except that instead of being given a brand-new set of case study financial models, we will check your completed financial models from the self-study video exercises.
Thus, the verification simply verifies that you have successfully completed the video exercises. Since the answers are fully provided, cell-by-cell, formula-by-formula, it is our expectation that all submissions should be 100% accurate and correct. This option does not test one’s ability to apply the concepts learned to a new problem.

WallStreet Training – Self-Study Platform Contains:  Videos, PDF
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