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One of the biggest questions I’ve seen people ask is which DVD of Tim’s to watch. I mean, there are so MANY!!! Each of them focuses on different techniques, strategies, or aspects to trading.
He has one DVD on Biotech trading. Another DVD on the SEC. Other DVD’s on shorting.
How do you know which one is the best, and if it’s even any good?
I’m going to cut through all of the confusion and get straight to it.
The best DVD to date from Tim Sykes is How to Make Millions. If you’re on the fence and uncertain about whether or not to sign up with Tim, this is the single product I would recommend you get. You will get all of the strategies and answers you need to start trading successfully.

What You Get
-How to Enter Orders
-The Best Brokers to Use
-The Best Software Tools and Research Websites
-Lessons on Trading Vocabulary
-Stock Trading Patterns
-When to Trade
-When Not to Trade
-Position Sizing
-Loss Cutting
-Planning Out Your Trades
-How to Grow Small Accounts Exponentially

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