AWAI – Essential Templates For Your Copywriting Business

Name Product: AWAI – Essential Templates For Your Copywriting Business
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Handle Every Project
Like a Pro From Start to Finish
With These Essential Templates
for Your Copywriting Business
Every Important Project Proposal, Invoice,
Email, Checklist, and Agreement …
All Ready to Go!

Running a successful copywriting business involves more than writing copy.
It requires clear and professional client communications. And an ability to properly manage the “business end” of your projects.
You could spend hours drafting responses to client inquiries. Days preparing proposals. And years developing the perfect system to prevent embarrassing mistakes from making it in front of your clients.
Some copywriters never get it right.
But every one of these business-critical details are taken care of for you in AWAI’s brand-new Essential Templates for Your Copywriting Business.
No More Project Management Headaches
Whether you’re kicking off a new project or wrapping one up, the “Business & Billing Templates” will help you keep every project on track.

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