[Special Offer] Ben Adkins – Local Business Group Blueprint

Ben Adkins - Local Business Group Blueprint
Ben Adkins – Local Business Group Blueprint
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Author: Ben Adkins
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If you’re looking to get more local clients for any service that you offer, but don’t necessarily want to personally reach out to every single potential client, this is going to be a perfect fit. This program teaches you how to build a special kind of Facebook Group which will allow you to place yourself in a position of authority in your local marketplace (even if you don’t actually live in the “local” marketplace your targeting).


What you’re going to Learn inside my Local Business Group Blueprint:
How to Setup a Local Business Owners Group on Facebook that establishes you as an authority and trusted provider or digital marketing advice and services.
How to Setup the Group so that it’s a Place Business Owners Value in the Short and Longterm.
Exactly what to post to the Group to Establish Yourself as an Authority (and how often to post it).
How to use your Group to build an Email List of Local Business Owners so you can market your services to them via email later.
My Group Request Reach out Message Script (use this to invite your “Early Adopters” in a way that makes them want to join)
The Facebook Ad and Targeting to help your group Grow Faster.
The Viral Spark that Causes your Group to Start Spreading on its own.
Exactly How to Leverage your Local Business Owners FB Group into Sales.
The 3 Magic “Tutorial to Sales” Videos you Post in the Group.
How to Use this Technique in both your Own town and from a Distance.

PRICE: You can get this course with only $29.95 (Lifetime pay $20.96)


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