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Robin Sharma – Your Absolute Best Year Yet 2015

Name Product: Robin Sharma – Your Absolute Best Year Yet 2015
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Author: Robin Sharma
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Ready to Make 2015 The Best Year of Your Life?
“Fill your brain with giant dreams so it has no space for petty pursuits.”
-Robin Sharma

To state the blindingly obvious: unless you change the way you lived in 2014, you’ll see the same results you saw last year this year.
Why would you want to do that to yourself?
And how you start off these first 90 days of 2015 will profoundly influence the way the whole year turns out.
So here’s my suggestion: Stop listening to the lies your fears are trying to sell you. Silence the chattering voices of the naysayers and critics. Quiet your doubts and disbeliefs.
Let’s leap into 2015 set to shatter your past performance + previous limits.
Let’s make this year the year you make history. Yes, history.
Here’s the thing I need to share with you: The people I’ve helped don’t have different DNA than you. They don’t have special gifts nor uncommon talents. They’re not superheroes.
No. These people are your colleagues. Your neighbors and your friends. Rather than being genetically blessed, the truth is they stood up, escaped the chains of old habits–and made a choice: To stop playing small. To leave the herd. To go from acting like sheep to living like lions.

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To achieve more, first BE more.
Here’s what happened to the few who were fortunate enough to get one of the limited memberships in Your Absolute Best Year Yet a year ago:
goals that they’d set for years were completed in weeks.
they started loving their work and being wowed by their lives.
they discovered how to stay positive in difficult times.
some members started new businesses that unshackled their worlds and those of their families.
in the midst of a global economic mess, members followed my teachings in the course and had the best year they’ve ever had in business.
many overcame fears that had limited their lives for decades. And achieved dreams they never believed they could do.
oh, and so many members reconfigured their fitness and health to have world-class energy+vitality+longevity.

Register for the course right now and I’ll give you:
The now famous 9 Your Absolute Best Year Yet video modules that distill the advanced tactics that Inner Circle members paid $12,000 for.
12 webinar recordings (pre-recorded) that lock in a whole new series of uber-powerful beliefs, exceptionally potent new daily behaviors and help you build a mindset that’s simply unbeatable (just so you appreciate the value I’m offering you here, my fee for a month of one-on-one coaching starts at $15,000).
THE WEEKLY REINFORCEMENTS: For 52 weeks, you receive inspirational and action- oriented articles/quotes/encouragement from me to sustain your momentum, lock in your new habits and keep your mindset in the rare-air of pure possibility.
And just to totally wow you, when you invest in the program right now, you also get 18 epic bonus audio coaching programs.

Robin Sharma – Your Absolute Best Year Yet 2015 Contains:  Videos, PDF
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