Perry Marshall and Talor Zamir – Local BIZ PPC 3.0 (2015)

Name Product: Perry Marshall and Talor Zamir – Local BIZ PPC 3.0 (2015)
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Author: Perry Marshall and Talor Zamir
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Do You Want to Take Your Consulting Business to the Next Level in 2015?
If You Do, It’s No Longer Enough to Have Lots of Little or Medium-Sized Clients
You Need High-Paying, Low-Maintenance, High-Profit Clients
Just One of These Whales Can Transform Your Business Overnight.
But Finding them Can Be A Costly and Rejection-Filled Experience.
You Need a Turnkey System for Finding them, Signing Them Up, And Generating High-Quality Leads for them Fast.
You Need to Be a High-End Consultant Who Makes it Rain!
And Talor Zamir Will Show You How to Do that in Local Business PPC Mastery 3.0.
What Would it Mean to Your Business to Add 2, 3, Even 10 New Clients Who Pay You $1000 to $6000 Per Month?

Attention Consultants: If You Land Just One Client Using Talor’s Local Business PPC Mastery Strategies, His Training will Pay for Itself 10X in Year One.
And, Talor’s Methods are So Plug-and-Play Simple that You’ll Be Able to Put them to Work for You Right Away…and Have the Time and Tools to Land Client after Client after Client.
And not just any clients. Talor’s system focuses only on affluent clients that have the cash to stroke you big checks month after month…not penny-pinching dry cleaners and hair salons…Talor’s system targets chiropractors, attorneys, dentists and high-end professionals. Professionals who know that one new customer is worth hundreds, often thousands of dollars in their pocket.

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