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Pat Rigsby – The Producer Challenge

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Discover The Exact System That Helped Fitness Pros Just Like You Generate Over 1.7 Million Dollars In New Business And Increase Their EFT By Over $240,000…In Just 6 Short Weeks…

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“Is It IMPOSSIBLE To Make Money And Be A Great Coach?”
I recently had a fitness professional ask me that very question. He’d spent almost a decade sharpening his skills, becoming the best coach he could…always secretly hoping that the next workshop or Certification would give him the edge he needed to finally stand out and have that flood of clients beating a path to his door.
We were taking about what his Ideal Business looked like and his frustration that had built up over the past few years just poured out. He’d mentally given up on the idea of actually being able to do great work as a coach and make the type of income he felt he deserved.
He’d decided to settle for ‘thinking small’ so I shared a few examples of how other fitness entrepreneurs just like him had fallen into that same trap, but with a few small shifts they were able to breakthrough and start producing more clients and more income…while actually improving the experience in their facility because that black cloud of financial stress had finally been lifted.
As you can imagine, he was a little skeptical…but desperate to know more.

The First Clue Came Two Years Ago With A Single Challenge
I’d done a site visit to a training facility in Texas. The owner, Adam, was great at what he did. His facility was awesome. The culture was first rate.
But he was plugging along, just making enough to get by.
On the surface it didn’t make sense. There was no doubt that he was the best solution around. He knew everyone in town it seemed…but month after month his business stayed the same.
So we did a little sales training and I prodded him into doing a Success Session with someone who was registered for a $179 Challenge.
An hour later she’d bought over $1800 worth of training.
I figured that would be enough. Adam would have seen the possibilities and he’d be cranking out one of those sales each day.
But within a few days of me heading back home he’d fallen back into his old habits.
So I issued him a challenge. I asked him what his best month for new sales had ever been.
He said about $6000 was the most he’d ever had on record.
I asked him if he was willing to take on my Challenge of selling $30,000 in new business over the next month…which was October of 2013.
He nervously said he was in.
Thirty days later he’d done over $31,000 in new sales.
I Was Intrigued!
So I rounded up a couple people to help me administer this Challenge and we tested it with about 12 more fitness professionals that November.
Of those who stuck with it through the month…virtually all had their best sales month ever…in November!
A Few Weeks To A Totally Different…And Dramatically Better Business.
I knew that I was on to something with this so as soon as I launched PatRigsby.com in the Spring I asked a select few fitness professionals to invest $1000 to have me coach them to their best month ever.
Without any interview process or prerequisites to stack the deck in my favor – 9 of the 11 that participated enjoyed their best month ever…with 4 more than doubling their previous best.
All with no lead up…no prep or anything to set the stage…and no deep discounts or Paid-In-Full stuff to inflate the numbers.
The ‘Connection’ That Changed Everything
I’m, in part, known for marketing and selling. I enjoy it now because, frankly, I wasn’t very good at when I started.
From being a bad recruiter in my first couple of years coaching to closing 18% of my sales opportunities when I first started selling personal training…I was far from a natural.
Eventually I got better. Over time I’ve sold several million dollars worth of training, over 200 franchises and well into the 8 figures in online sales.
And I’ve coached selling over and over…with many of the fitness professionals selling over a million dollars worth of training themselves.
But I knew down deep inside that while teaching sales and marketing tactics would work for a few…simply providing the knowledge wasn’t enough.
That’s when I thought about my experiences with the handful of fitness professionals that I’d coached through becoming what I call a Producer…and how similar it was to the Transformation Challenges that have become so popular in our industry.

Transforming You Into A Producer
The reason that you’re not reaching your goals when it comes to the number of clients, the amount of business revenue or your personal income can be boiled down to this single statement…
You’re Not Being A Producer.
Sure, maybe you’re producing results for your clients…but you’re not producing results for you.
You opened a business because you had goals. Income goals. Lifestyle goals. Impact goals.
It’s time for you to make those a reality.
And that’s where The Producer Challenge comes in.
Instead of just being bombarded with more and more information…you need to simplify and put the right information into action.
And as you’ve seen with your own clients – combining the power of accountability and deadlines with the right coaching and knowledge yields far, far greater results than simply giving someone information or a few tactics.

How YOU Can Add $20,000 In New Business Or Grow Your Business By 20% – And Become A Producer– In Just 6 Weeks!
You may be wondering why I didn’t lead with that…a BIG benefit that would surely get your attention.
Simple because because I only want Fitness Entrepreneurs who are willing to do the work to get those types of results.
I wanted to share examples of how other fitness pros just like you put in work for several weeks…and got great results.
But they did the work.
So yes, I fully expect that you’ll either add $20,000 in new contracts or you’ll grow your business by 20% (it just depends on the current state of your business) in just 6 weeks.
In fact, we’ll be tracking your production weekly so that you can see if you’re on track to hit those goals…so not only are you accountable for taking action, but we’re accountable for coaching you to success as a Producer.

Module One:
The Foundation Creating A Culture Of Production
As soon as we begin in Module One, you’ll immediately see how the The Producer Challenge is different from anything you’ve ever done (which is why I think it works so much better). Here’s why: we’re going to coach you and hold you accountable to do what you need to do.
Just like you do with your clients.
Without this it’s virtually impossible to make the lasting changes that will allow you to accomplish all the of the goals you’ve truly had for your business.
So we’ll start Week One out by setting specific goals…something that most fitness entrepreneurs ignore. This is critical…
Because Once You Identify A Specific Goal We Can Create The Precise Plan To Get There
Here, specifically, is how we’ll do it: First, we’re going to set specific monthly goals based on your business model and what your Ideal Business looks like.
Then we’re going to implement a simple and effective tracking system to ensure that you are on track each and every day to reach the goals we’ve set out. As a former coach…this is my scoreboard.
Once we’ve put those things in place we’ll start a very simple but effective daily accountability system that will allow you to stay focused and motivated.
And finally we’ll show you how to lead a Team of Producers so that the culture of production starts to be part of your business identity.
But that’s just the beginning. Because then we use that foundation to move to…

Module Two: Develop Your Sales System
Next we’ll work together to optimize the right Sales System for you and your business. You’ll combine your own strengths, passions and skills with our proven sales methods and processes to have a Sales System that fits you and your business.
This will allow you to take what likely was a weak link in your business previously and turn it into a real strength. You’ll know that any marketing effort that you make will result with not only the best possible chance to sell training – but it will result in you selling programs that give your clients the best possible chance to succeed while financially rewarding you at the same time.
We’ll establish the right Success Session process and optimize your pricing for your business so that everything syncs with what you want your business to be known for and where you want your business to go.
You’ll be attracting the exact type of prospects that you want and in Module Four you’ll optimize how you’re transitioning them from Prospect to Client by utilizing Trust, Influence and Value.
You will adapt my multi-million dollar proven Sales Formula to speak directly to the wants and needs of the prospect you’re meeting with to not only make buying easy and natural for them…but also make selling fun for you.
You’ll be able to create both a unique level of trust and a strong desire to work with you because they’ll almost automatically know that you’re the exact solution that they need to get the results that they want.
This is a complete paradigm shift in selling compared to what most trainers experience, with both you and the prospect being on the same page, wanting and expecting the same things instead of feeling like selling is a competition between you and the prospect. Your conversion rates will climb, the willingness of prospects to commit to longer term programs will grow and all while you’re finally charging what you’re worth.

Module Three: Creating Production From The Inside – Out
Most fitness professionals want relationship marketing…Referrals, Word-Of-Mouth and Networking with people they know to be the primary sources of leads in their business…but they don’t have a plan for making this happen.
In Module Three we’ll develop that plan and put it into action.
We’ll use the relationships you currently have…the people that know, like and trust you…to create a flood of new business.
You’ll have the right referral systems in place to fit you and your business so that your Perfect Clients will consistently start spreading the word about what you do to more people just like themselves.
Former clients will start to come back and join again through the use of strategically deployed reactivation campaigns.
I’ll teach you my exact formula for taking what most business owners consider ‘a list’ and nurture it to be a small community (you’re reading this now so you know what I mean already) where you’ll consistently generate new clients month after month.
And we’ll also work on Maximizing Client Lifetime Value so that you can give your clients everything they need to achieve their goals and so you’ll need fewer clients to reach yours.

Module Four: Flooding Your Business With Prospective Clients
In Module Four we’ll work to make your marketing efforts will almost instantly become far, far more powerful than what anyone else is doing because you’ll be connecting with the right prospects with laser focused precision while they just employ the same old ‘one-size-fits-all approach.’
No more wasting your time on lead generation approaches that yield tire kickers or bad fits for your business. You want Clients, and that’s who we’re going to attract by picking the right Client Attraction Strategies for you to employ and putting them into action.
You’ll learn how to use…
Events like Transformation Challenges or 21 Day Detoxes to flood your business with the right prospects.
Facebook Ads to get dozens and dozens of solid leads that you can convert.
Joint Venture Strategies that actually work.
My proven approach to networking that has been the foundation of ALL of my business success.
Direct Mail tactics that will allow you to show up like no one else in your market.
And while those are the only outside Client Attraction Strategies you’ll ever need…you won’t even need all of them.
We’ll look at your business and pick the right fits for you will yield the best possible Return on Investment of time, money and effort.
That’s producing.
Your marketing efforts will almost instantly become far, far more powerful than what anyone else is doing because you’ll be connecting with the right prospects with laser focused precision while they just employ the same old ‘one-size-fits-all approach.’
Then we’ll move to…

Module Five: Creating Your Producer System
This is where we’ll tie everything together.
We’ll build your Marketing Calendar…but by this point it will be more of a Production Calendar.
We’ll dial in the things you have been doing to make sure your business is firing on all cylinders.
But perhaps most importantly of all, we’ll show you how to keep it going. You won’t necessarily need to Produce at an all out level 12 months of the year, so we will work on how you can cycle your efforts and really put the pedal to the floor several times per year to really grow your business and then see steady, consistent growth the rest of the time.
This will keep you from burning out and allow you to finally enjoy the fruits of your labor.
In other words…have your Ideal Business.
Now – if all of this sounds like a lot, that’s because it is. The Producer Challenge definitely isn’t for someone who is comfortable with the status quo. This is a different type of course than anything you’ve ever been a part of before because you won’t find massive success by doing what you’ve always done.
HOWEVER, I’m making it as easy as possible for you to understand all of this since we’re focusing on the key 20% that will yield the biggest result …and most importantly…for you to IMPLEMENT all of this because in addition to the Challenge Curriculum and tools I’m also giving you…

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