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Do you want cheaper clicks and higher ROI on your paid traffic?
Over the last 10 years I’ve created 5,000+ ad campaigns, and there is one thing I’ve learned that is certain with all campaigns…
It doesn’t matter how good you are, eventually shit will hit the fan.
It’s like death and taxes, it will always happen.
What is rare, is having a huge success the first time you create an ad campaign. It would be nice if that was more common though.
Unfortunately, what is common is ad campaigns that fail to generate a profit.
The ability to turn these failing ad campaigns back into cash cows is what separates the sheep from the wolves.
Imagine if you create a Facebook ad campaign and right out of the gate it’s costing you more money than you’re making.
Have you been there before?
Do you know what to do to turn it around?
Maybe you’ve been scared to try other ad networks like Taboola or Google Display because you’re worried you’ll lose your shirt.
Well, if you knew how to fix failing campaigns, that wouldn’t be a problem any more would it???
If you had a process for turning flops into huge windfalls, and it worked in every ad network, how much more traffic would you have?
If you knew how to turn every losing ad campaign into a winner, what would stop you from scaling your business?

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At first Palm Beach Research Group wasn’t going to hire me because they already had a media buyer.
Then they gave me a chance with their Google account because no one else was getting much success from it.
Well thanks to my process, Google was their 2nd most important marketing channel within 90 days.
Imagine if every time a campaign started bombing, you could quickly make it profitable again. How much more revenue could you bring into your business?
Today, you’re in luck!
I’m going to give you access to a series of videos that shows you how to rescue dying campaigns.
It’s simple too.
No complicated tools needed.
And it works in EVERY ad network. Yes, even Taboola, even Youtube, even Google display, even CPV ads. EV-ER-Y-NETWORK.
It’s the same process we use in our ad agency to fix campaigns for Dan Kennedy, Rich Schefren, Russell Brunson, Ed Okeefe, Mark Ford, StansberryResearch, Snuggie, Trump University, and many more.
Can You Really Use The Same Process For Fixing Ad Campaigns On Every Ad Network?
Because I’ve worked with the biggest names in direct response, I’ve been able to spend millions on ads and use dozens of different ad networks.
I’ve created ads on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube, Yahoo, AOL, and many other ad networks.
All ad networks have 4 things in common…

All ad networks let you create multiple campaigns
All ad networks let you target based on interest or keywords
All ad networks have some form of image or text ads
All ad networks let you set your starting bid per click or view

To ensure my clients success I developed a framework around these 4 commonalities that I use to launch, optimize, and rescue ad campaigns.
And this framework I’ve developed works in every ad network.
These Videos Are What Every Other Marketing Course You’ve Ever Bought Is Missing
Can you name 1 marketing course you’ve bought that addresses how to fix ad campaigns that have gone wrong?
That’s because all the other marketing courses are teaching just the tactics. They only focus on the flashy fun stuff.
They are teaching you how to press the buttons in power editor.
Or how to use some crazy tool (that they get a commission on).
Or how to create the super core maximizer sales page that will make all your dreams come true.
They never address the gory question of “What do I do if this doesn’t work?”
They purposefully ignore this because they don’t want you to think it might not work. They want to tell you their stories of success and prey on your dreams to become rich.
I’m telling you upfront, at some point shit is going to go down and I’ll show you how to fix it.
No other marketing course in history has done this. There is no other marketing course you can buy today that will teach you this.
Ok so by now you’re probably wanting to see what’s inside this course…

Media Buying Masters: Course Outline
Module 1: How To Think Like a Pro Media Buyer
Why amateurs think every ad network is different while veterans know that they are all the same
The “Traffic Hail Mary” and why it’s the #1 mistake causing business owners to lose money on their ads
Why amateurs blame the ad network when they don’t get sales but veterans blame their funnel
The 5×3 method for launching ad campaigns and why it works with all ad networks
The 5 phase campaign launch sequence pro media buyers use to reduce their losses and maximize their profit
“I used what I learned and took our campaigns from 1,000 leads per month to 15,000 leads per month.”
Alejandro Reyes – Director of Digital Media – PushPay.com

Module 2: How To Create Irresistible Ads & Bulletproof Tracking
1 simple exercise to size up your competition and steal their marketing secrets
The whiteboard trick you can use to come up with ad copy that tugs on your viewers heart strings
How to make sure you are targeting the right people with your ads
How to block out the refunders, complainers, and general pain in the asses
The math trick for figuring out whether your campaign will be profitable BEFORE spending money on your ads
Which metrics you should and should not pay attention too when looking at your data
Discover the different between tracking and analytics, plus when to use each
Finally understand all the pixels, codes, and tags that ad networks give you
How to use a simple free tool for managing all the pixels, codes, and tags
Downloadable media buying cheatsheet with every definition, formula, benchmark you need
Also in the cheatsheet is a quick reference for increasing your CTR and conversion rate
Downloadable campaign planning worksheet for helping you implement the 5×3 method everytime
Downloadable spreadsheet calculator for predicting your earnings per click before you spend any money

Module 3: How To Cut Costs Without Crippling Your Campaign
The only 2 ways you can effectively reduce your costs
Why you should NEVER bid low for clicks and what the ad networks do to you when you do
4 ways to increase your CTR so that you get lower and lower click costs
When you increase __________ your conversions will go up and costs will drop
What rookies do to try to get cheap clicks and why veterans don’t ever do it
6 elements that impact your landing page conversions and how to use them
4 real life landing pages reviewed –  what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong
“Thanks to their training I was able to cut my University client’s CPL down by 65%, freeing up thousands in monthly ad spend.”
Andrew Pontius – Digital Marketing Consultant

Module 4: How To Increase Profit on Every Dollar You Spend
Why Burger King doesn’t sell lobster and how to make sure you ads match your target customer
How to create ads that don’t attract cheap bargain shopping customers
How to sneak a peek at the top campaigns in your market and steal their best ads, targeting, and landing page ideas
4 ways to increase your conversions and sales with email marketing automation
Why “lead scoring” is the most important email marketing strategy you should be using
How to turn your email marketing into a game that gets subscribers clicking and buying more than ever using Gamification
Download my own email Gamification email series so you can use it for your business
4 non-email ways to use marketing automation to increase your earnings per customer
The frictionless offer that creates sales that were once impossible to close
How to create “mousetraps” on your website that trigger highly targeted email promotions
How to turn your blog into a highly targeted sales machine with a free tool
How to build “Right-Size” funnels that fit YOUR business model instead of trying to use a 1-size fits all funnel

Module 5: Every Tool & Ad Network I Use To Create Million Dollar Campaigns
Over 2,000 words explaining every tool and ad natwork I use, and how I use them.
Discover ad networks you never knew existed and what types of offers are best to use
Learn which ad networks are good for beginners and which are not
4 smartphone apps I use to help me manage my ad accounts and clients
The Youtube ads tool I use to find highly targeted places to advertise my Youtube ads

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