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Jeff Walker – Product Launch Formula 4.0

Name Product: Jeff Walker – Product Launch Formula 4.0
Market price: $1,927
Size: 11.4 GB
Author: Jeff Walker
Sales Page:http://www.jeffwalkerproductlaunchformula.com/

Product Launch Formula is a proven, step-by-step process that shows you exactly how to launch a product in precise detail. It shows you exactly what to do every step of the way, right down to which blog post to release when, and what to say in every email.
With Product Launch Formula, you get video training where I take you through all the steps of creating and sequencing your Product Launch. That means you also get my swipe files… including email copy, blog copy, video scripts and sales letters.
But, it doesn’t stop there… You also get access to me through Q&A sessions and rapid-fire hotseat calls. You get case studies, transcripts and even more — but it’s all easy to digest and simple to use.
In short, Product Launch Formula is a method, a system and a proven FORMULA… that my students have applied very successfully over and over.

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Product Launch Formula 4 is not just about running launches. Jeff shows you how to create products from the ground up – products for which there is a hungry market. He also goes deep into the how-to of joint venturing which is certainly the quickest way to build a profitable and sustainable passive income for the long-term.
We can say without any hype that this product, and the product launch strategies it features, has probably been the #1 most influential Internet marketing product of all time.
If you don’t know Jeff Walker, he is well known as creator of Pro Follow Software and is recognized as one of the leading internet marketers. His name is ubiquitous on the Web.
Jeff literally changed the internet marketing game a few years ago when he created a system which allowed anyone to turn whatever type of product they were launching into a massive event. The whole idea behind it was to take a sales letter and turn it sideways.
Jeff Walker’s popularity and reputation have grown dramatically. His name is tag-bait wherever popular and successful internet marketers are discussed. His notable JV partners include Frank Kern, John Reese, and even Mike Filsaime – the last being a genuinely renowned internet marketer, one of the titans of the game.
The program has been responsible for generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue from product launches by people like you and me. Now the coaching is completely updated and optimized for the current market and thus is better than ever.

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JEFF_WALKER_-_Product_Launch_Formula_4.0_Vipbusinessdl.com_.part10.rar – 501.0 MB
JEFF_WALKER_-_Product_Launch_Formula_4.0_Vipbusinessdl.com_.part11.rar – 501.0 MB
JEFF_WALKER_-_Product_Launch_Formula_4.0_Vipbusinessdl.com_.part12.rar – 501.0 MB
JEFF_WALKER_-_Product_Launch_Formula_4.0_Vipbusinessdl.com_.part13.rar – 501.0 MB
JEFF_WALKER_-_Product_Launch_Formula_4.0_Vipbusinessdl.com_.part14.rar – 501.0 MB
JEFF_WALKER_-_Product_Launch_Formula_4.0_Vipbusinessdl.com_.part15.rar – 501.0 MB
JEFF_WALKER_-_Product_Launch_Formula_4.0_Vipbusinessdl.com_.part16.rar – 501.0 MB
JEFF_WALKER_-_Product_Launch_Formula_4.0_Vipbusinessdl.com_.part17.rar – 501.0 MB
JEFF_WALKER_-_Product_Launch_Formula_4.0_Vipbusinessdl.com_.part18.rar – 501.0 MB
JEFF_WALKER_-_Product_Launch_Formula_4.0_Vipbusinessdl.com_.part19.rar – 501.0 MB
JEFF_WALKER_-_Product_Launch_Formula_4.0_Vipbusinessdl.com_.part20.rar – 501.0 MB
JEFF_WALKER_-_Product_Launch_Formula_4.0_Vipbusinessdl.com_.part21.rar – 472.2 MB
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