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Jeff Baxter – High Ticket Warrior Masterclass

Name Product:  Jeff Baxter – High Ticket Warrior Masterclass
Market price: $97
Author: Jeff Baxter
Home sale: http://www.continuitymasteracademy.com/high-ticket-warrior-sales-page/

“Live Webinar Reveals How To Create Your Own Economy With The Power Of Big Ticket Sales”
From: The Desktop Of Jeff Baxter
You ever been in one of those do or die situations?
Well this was me a few years ago when I was still a rookie in this whole online world…
I was making a ton of money, but didn’t have the proper education on taxes so the inevitable happened..
“Well Mr. Baxter, can you think of any additional expenses that’s not in your accounting software?”
These were the words spoken to me by my accountant as if something was wrong..
After I told him that I didn’t have any more expenses, he replied with..
“Well looks like you’ll owe xx,xxxx this year in taxes”

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My heart literally skipped a beat as I just didn’t have the money. I often wondered how celebrities made so much, but couldn’t pay their taxes and now it made more sense to me..
The more you make, the more they take..
Of course I know way better now and changed my business structure since then so things are 10x better, but that was a moment in my career that really woke me up!
I just didn’t have the money to pay this tax bill and the only thing I could think about was pulling a Wesley Snipes on Uncle Sam 😉
Well until I came back to my entrepreneurial senses that is..
“I Stopped My Pity Party and Got Back To Hustle Mode Then Boom $20,000 Hit My Account!”
I’ll admit, I was down in the dumps for a good minute with this huge tax bill hanging over my head..
Even the thought of promoting small ticket 100% commission $7 offers just depressed me even more…
I knew I had to do something fast or else I would have to go through the red tape of paying off the bill and I honestly hate debt.
As much as I like to sell, I’m a big buyer as well and always increasing my knowledge. I remembered some training that I purchased a few months prior, talking specifically about closing big ticket sales of over $10,000
This is what I needed to do..
I didn’t have time to play games with these cheap products..
Anyways, I referred back to the training I bought, made a customized offer priced at $20,000 and sent it out to my list..
Mind you, my list was very small at the time and although I didn’t feel too confident because of that fact, the applications started coming in and gave me hope..
To make a long story short, I ended up closing one person on the 20k sale and could pay my tax bill in full by April 15th plus have a little money left over J
If you think that you have to be some super genius to close sales at that level then you’re mistaken. It was just a matter of me knowing something that the person didn’t and charging what I felt my services were worth..
Do you know something that others don’t?
Of course you do!
Do you have the potential to make 5k 20k or even 30k sales?
Of couuurse!

Keep reading..
“Most Online Entrepreneurs Are Doing It All Wrong and Have Been Brainwashed To Think They Can’t Demand Higher Prices”
After this breakthrough moment in my business, that’s when I really woke up and started to undo the brainwashing..
Just like many online marketers, I was conditioned to think people only buy CHEAP products and you can’t sell anything over $7 on the front end without some long sales funnel in place, but boy o boy was  I wrong..
Here are a few big misconceptions in the marketplace and why so many entrepreneurs are failing..
My list only responds to offers under $10. Hogwash
If I sell anything over $7 it has to be on the backend. More Hogwash.
I have to be some super duper expert to demand big ticket sales. Hogwash x5
I need to have my own products to sell big ticket items. Not true, so more hogwash..

How would you like to watch right over my shoulder as I reveal how to sell products that cost 1k, 5k,10k or even upwards of $20,000 ?
If so you’re in for a treat…
I’m going to be holding an exclusive NO PITCH webinar on Friday June 17th 2016 that will show you how I’ve been closing big ticket sales like clockwork in my business now since changing the way I do things..
This change has resulted in more money, more freedom and more pleasant customers to deal with.
Riddle me this..
If you wanted to make $10,000 by next month what do you think is easier?

Selling 1,000 units of a $10 product
Or selling 2 units of a $5,000 product
If you chose the latter option, then you’re onto something!
On Friday June 17th 2016 I’m going to be pulling back the curtains on my high ticket business model and show you how to make more while working less..
You’ll be able to learn things such as..
How to skyrocket your income by selling offers at the $5k,$10k or even upwards of $20,000 price point.
Different ideas for you to sell at these high price points no matter your level of expertise.
The services that are in high demand that people are willing to pay you thousands for RIGHT NOW
How to sell big ticket services and outsource the entire operation allowing you to continue living the ‘internet lifestyle’
How to drive targeted traffic and place your big ticket offers in the face of people who are more likely to BUY
The secret offer that allowed me to close a $20,000 sale and pay off my huge tax bill
So much more! “Ok Jeff I’m Ready To Start Making Big Ticket Sales But How Much Will This Cost Me?”
I know you’re pumped up and ready to join, but let me ask you a question..
How much would you be willing to pay in order to learn how to close 1k,5k or 20k sales?
I believe $997 makes sense considering you’ll know how to make that over and over again right?
Ok maybe that’s a tad bit too steep..
What about $497??
I mean after all, as soon as you close your first big ticket sale then your cost of registration would be covered!
Sound good?
Well, you won’t even have to pay that much in order to watch over my shoulder and learn how this exclusive business model can send your bills running for cover..
Today, you’ll be able to join the “High Ticket Warrior Masterclass” for only…

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