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Jamie Lewis – Video Legend

Name Product: Jamie Lewis – Video Legend
Market price: $47
Author: Jamie Lewis
Home sale: http://www.videolegend.com/special/

“39-Year Old New Yorker Discovers 1 ODD Trick Which Pumps Out $24,382 Per Month From Youtube…”
Get Instant Access To Video Legend at the Incredible Low Price of just $47 for LIFETIME access!
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There is no need for long drawn out explanations.. are you ready for over one million views?

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I’ll say it again; 1. Follow this recipe, settings for your campaigns that are right here waiting, and let’s launch.
Pay attention, take notes because if you want to set up shop on autopilot with your Internet.. this might actually be your only chance to do so.
Everyone wants to know the secret..
Well before we get to that.. it is important note: some of the videos that were the easiest to make are the most profitable.. like one got 55,000 views.. and $100,000 later..
It was recorded on a text edit document with some narration.
And did you know that 80% of sales online for info products come from video sites on the Internet?
Ill give you an example.. We actually BOUGHT a YouTube video with 50 million views on it. It was such a popular video that when you looked up “YouTube” on Wikipedia, the actual Wikipedia entry had our video as the example.

It reached #18 on the entire YouTube charts.
It made $1500 a DAY for the entire year and we built a list of 100,000 guitar students.
And we have continued to do it again and again and again while you spend money “per view..”

I hope you get alot out of copying my strategies and models on this page. (It’s the least I could do.)
So how do you make money from Youtube views? Once aquired, I would sell products like this one here, “GetFamousMachine” for commission..
Take a look:

I didn’t have to sing my butt off to make money on autopilot after the (BEST WEBSITE EVER, YouTube) came out. No, that’s not me in the pink shirt, but it’s my youtube account. Just hear me out, you’ll be glad you did. 😀
I not only get millions of views and then commissions on autopilot from the massive digital real estate.. without even producing the video, but heck, if you need to rank real fast for something lucrative, I’m game..
We got into talking about my acquisition game so much, I almost forgot to mention I can rank a competitive video live, on a webinar over & over, like this:

And production? Got that down too.. Remember this one?

Now.. I had a video on worldstar hip hop a month ago.
Look, it was fun to make. Made my commissions for the week through my fancy sounding Affiliate URL.
But what about sheer traffic generators that bring home the bacon, traffic I can send at any other video to jack that one up too!

But that’s me, not you. When we talk about yours, you only get 40 views, NO subscribers.. Right?
But you see Jeremy whats-his-face on YouTube do a cocky review of some garbage affiliate marketing product and making up to $1500 a day.. Doesn’t that piss you off?
Well you know how they say, if you can’t beat em’ JOIN EM’
And what about maximizing revenue WITHOUT any views? Just in case you don’t have the time? A quick ebola protector promotion and Ive got over $200 in Amazon commissions from only 600 views!..
It started off as a campaign to sell gas masks, we because of the amazon cookie, I sold many more items other than gas masks.

You know how I do all of this? Even on an anonymous youtube without any subs?
Well I, like a lot of other youtubers were experiencing a brick wall when it came to new uploads.
I mean so many people are jumping on the band wagon, it makes things much more saturated and harder to rank.
So after I uploaded, I found myself performing what I call “My ranking Ritual.”
There are many steps I would need to take BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the production of my video to ensure success.
But I wanted to focus on the ideas and production of the video..
You know, the fun parts.
I didn’t want to have to use the mathematical side of my brain and be a genius at business..
I didn’t want to have to message people and try to rent their viral youtube videos with 5 million views..
I wish I had a list of willing participants.
So It just kinda happened..
See, a lightbulb went off in my head , I was sitting under the money tree and I had a “Newton” moment.
The apple hit me right on the freaking forehead
I automated the market research, the acquisition.. and the promotion of said video..
So yes, what I am saying is what it sounds like.
It’s shooting fish in a barrel with a sawed off shot gun that shots hand grenades full of dynamite!!!!!
If you don’t have a video, you don’t need one.
And heck if you have one, you don’t need to do manual promotion or complicated SEO to get potentially millions of views to your channel.
I call this automated software VIDEO LEGEND.

Jamie Lewis – Video Legend Contains:  Videos, PDF
Download from Rapidgator
Download from Nitroflare
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