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Gene Pimentel – Master Domaining

Name Product: Gene Pimentel – Master Domaining
Market price: $37/Month
Author: Gene Pimentel
Home sale: http://masterdomaining.com/

Watch Over My Shoulder as I Share With You My
Best Strategies, Systems and “Tricks of The Trade”
in the Domain Flipping Business, EVERY Single Day.
You’ll Learn EVERYTHING I Know about
Profiting With Domain Names…

You’ll Learn My Most Closely Guarded Secrets
I have fine-tuned the domain flipping process over the past decade, and have taught MANY people to do the same. Never before have I shared ALL my best strategies and systems, until now, through this membership.

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You’ll Receive a Multitude of Amazing Tools
I will share with you resources and tools that you most likely have never heard of. These are the things that can make all the difference for experiencing HUGE success in the domaining industry. Learn the tricks of the trade from the inside.

Get Access to Specialized Software Programs
I will provide you with links for various software programs that I rely on in my domaining business. Most people have never heard of many of these, because they are mostly kept within the domaining trade.

You’ll Get The Very Latest, Cutting Edge Information
You will receive my training in bite-sized, easy to learn segments on a daily basis. That allows you to begin profiting quicker, and the daily delivery allows me to provide the most current, up-to-date information.

My “Master Domaining” Membership is
Designed to be the Best
Domain Training You’ll EVER Get

That’s a bold statement, I know. But I’ll PROVE it to you.
Why should you listen to me?
I’ve LOST thousands of dollars while learning the domaining business early in my career. But I was determined to figure out this amazing business. It paid off. BIG. I have since sold thousands of domain names, many from $500 to $24,000 each, all by hand-registering domains for $3 to $10.
Boy do I WISH I had a teacher/trainer back then – it would have saved me a ton of money and time.
Who Am I?
My name is Gene Pimentel. I have been marketing online for over 20 years, and my primary income has been from domaining over the past decade.
You may not have heard of me, and that’s alright, because it’s by design. I don’t like to be in the spotlight. That being said, I trust my reputation and experience will speak for itself. Ask around.
Real World Experience
I KNOW this business inside and out. I have trained many individuals how to duplicate my successes – you’ll see actual video testimonials of a few on this page. I have been a speaker at several entrepreneurial events.
In my experience, domaining is more profitable than it has ever been, right NOW. Anyone who understands supply and demand will realize why that is the case. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise
For many, many years, people have hounded me to create a full, comprehensive course on domaining, but I just never took the time to do it.
I Had a Crazy Idea
Building a full, comprehensive course would take many months to create, as it would involve hundreds of videos as well as manuscripts. As the saying goes, “Ain’t nobody got time for dat”! Besides, by the time the course was complete, so much time would have gone by that I would have to go back and update everything.
Then It Hit Me
Rather than create everything in advance, I could take an hour or two out of my day, every day to create training on a day-by-day basis, and deliver it the same day. That would allow me to continually create completely up-to-date training, in bite-sized pieces.
Master Domaining was born!
With this daily training, my goal is to share with you virtually everything I know about the domaining business, and the secrets and tricks of the trade that are so hard to discover on your own.
I trust you’ll get a hundred times more value from my training than the small investment.
Boy, how I wish something like this was available when I first started. It would have saved me thousands of dollars, and years of struggle.
I HAVE THE ANSWERS. And for the first time, I’m willing to spill it all to you.
I look forward to seeing you onboard. What a wild ride it will be!
Yours for success,

Gene Pimentel – Master Domaining Contains:  Videos
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