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Wake Up Productive is a 90 day step-by-step course, that will help you to set and achieve your goals and to manage your daily tasks. You’ll Learn:
The 3 dangerous traps that rob you of productivity MOST (I’ve only heard of one of these mentioned in other time management programs…but the other 2 are much easier to fall into and far more dangerous to you and your business How to completely eliminate “busy work” so you develop stone-cold focus and productivity on what makes you the MOST MONE
How to to break your existing bad habits, no matter how severe (You already KNOW what they are… this is the only exercise I’ve been able to find that FORCES you to break them and replace them with good habits… no matter how hard your “lazy side” resists)
‘Your personal success ritual: Here’s how to figure out and plan the ideal way to start your day… then get yourself to burn it into your system and make it a habit so that it hurts NOT to do it!
The “inner butterfly effect” – How one distractive thought can ruin your ENTIRE DAY … and how we humans are actually programmed to become addicted to this wasteful behaviour (Fortunately this is an easy fix, once you know the secret)
How to use psychological leverage points to fool yourself into working more efficiently for longer periods of time
The 60/30/30 Solution: A new way of structuring your work and focus that FORCES you to get twice as much done
How to create and structure routines that you AUTOMATICALLY do every day (Newsflash: You are doing routines anyway… so you might as well have them be productive!)
A simple exercise to help you identify which activities in your business give you the most LIFETIME value… and also spot those which rob you of value (This is a secret to prioritizing your activities that the smartest – and wealthiest- business owners swear by)
How to make your success “inevitable” – my new process for achieving results that takes you quantum leaps beyond old goal-setting methods
How to use your new time and personal management skills to get more enjoyment out of your life away from the office
How to ensure you ingrain what you learn in this program into your mind, body and soul FOREVER… and use this program for lasting, permanent change
I’d like to share the exact time management and productivity system I used to start TWO new multi-million dollar businesses in one year, lose 25 pounds… AND double my physical energy…


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