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Name Product: David Garland’s – Create Awesome Interviews
Market price: $495
Author: David Garland
Page Sale: http://www.createawesomeinterviews.com/letsdoit/

Cue the game show music.
Any guesses?
The answer: Creating your very own interview-based web show where you bring on the most amazing people in your niche ever, pick their brains and create insanely valuable content.
In fact, by creating an interview show you will…

Build relationships with all the amazing influencers and cool people in your niche.
Stick out from the pack like woah (like woah I say!)
Be seen as a celebrity and trusted resource in your niche (I mean who doesn’t love someone who has a show?)
Bring in all kinds of new subscribers to your list (boom!)
Create super valuable content that is spread throughout the web like wildfire.

Holy bananas!
Pump the brakes. You might be thinking, “David…isn’t doing an interview show really, really, really, really hard?”

What kind of equipment do I need and how do I easily shoot and edit my interviews without being a tech genius?
How the heck do I get people to say YES! to an interview even when I’m just getting started?
How do I prep for an interview so I know what the heck I’m doing and ask the right questions?
How do I conduct a non-boring interview that has zero awkwardness and 100% awesomeness?
How do I promote my interviews to bring in all kinds of mad traffic (and build my list!)?
How do I turn my interviews into mad cash? I mean some real bling bling?

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