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Anik Singal – The Profit Academy 2015

The crux of the product is to show people how to take their hobby or passion, and turn it into a million dollar online business. It’s appropriate for anyone from totally newbie, to the budding online entrepreneur.
Since we appeals to newbies, we’ve had massive success in the past with lists outside the IM niche. Let’s face it, everyone is interested in making more money.
Profit Academy goes SSSOOO far beyond your standard info product, we’ve really gone all out. There will be weekly live webinars with Q&A sessions, constantly manned forums, weekly content released…
We have even hired a full time coach just to look after these guys (I’m talking experienced coach, not just customer service), and if we hit our targets, we will be hiring another one! We’re really bringing content delivery to the next level!

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Carrie Wilkerson and Paul Evans – DIY SWAT


Name Product: Carrie Wilkerson and Paul Evans – DIY SWAT
Market price: $297
Size: 1.4 GB
Author: Carrie Wilkerson and Paul Evans
Sales Page:

Excellence Has Been Kidnapped And You Can Probably Tell in Your Results, Your Income and Your Momentum. If You Are Dissatisfied with the Status Quo… Keep Reading…
Your mission – should you chose to accept it – is to…
Generate Epic Content
Enlist Paying Clients
Create the Perfect Offer
Ramp Up Your Results!
Increase Your Income and Impact
In these THREE – three hour session intensives you’ll RESCUE EXCELLENCE and bring it home to your business.
You can break the cycle by generating epic content. In these three hours your mission will include…


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What E.P.I.C. Content Looks Like and Feels Like
How to grab attention reader’s by the throat, look them in the eyes, and have them admit you’re the one they have been looking for all of their lives.
Hardcore content elements that regular human beings are afraid to use.
How to write/shoot from the hip and lip for maximum impact.
5 mistakes mediocre writers/presenters make.

What to Create
The best content formats for distribution.
Top-tier content creation and how to break it down into the other two key formats.

How to Create It
How create and edit audio.
How to create simple screen capture videos.
Key formatting elements for articles.

How to Distribute It
Social media outlets. If you’re sick of people using social media to pitch all their junk, you’re not alone. Carrie will show you how to become invaluable in social media.
All the best YouTube elements to use for traffic and attention.
Does article marketing work anymore? Not in many cases, but we’ll share with you the NEW article marketing.
Content syndication – how to multiply the reach of your content and get it in front of the largest audience possible.

In this DIY 3 hour intensive your mission will be to…
List Building
How to get MORE visitors to your website that are interested and WILLING to buy and the MOST EFFECTIVE ways to PULL in visitors to join your list.
Using the best Conversion tactics and Retention models to build the long term know-like-trust factor and willingness to buy / responsiveness with your list.
Simple tools and plugins to use to build your list.
What WordPress users and bloggers MUST know about list building.

Effective Advertising
The top 3 ad sources outside of Adwords.
The easiest way to find advertising on sites your market follows.
Designing great ads that get clicks to your sites.

Swaps and Shares
What are Swaps and should you be doing them? What are the dangers? What are the benefits? How do you make money with them?
How to approach someone with a share offer. We give you the script.
What about renting an email list? Is it legal? Where would I go to find a list of buyers in my market?

It doesn’t matter how much traffic you get to your site if you don’t convert them. Would you rather have a list of 1,000 people that makes you an average of $10,000 a month or a list of 10,000 that makes you $1,000 a month?
4 ways to convert more guests into buyers.
How your autoresponder sequence comes into play and how to program it. How many emails? How often? What is the content to offer ratio?

In this three hour plus mission you will rescue your business in all the areas that go into a perfect offer
How to put together an attractive package that makes people want to buy without you having to “sell” them.
Matching your method to the market. This is critical. You can’t just make a blind decision thinking people will just by.
Where to get graphics design and where to outsource your content formatting.

What is the perfect price for your audience? Find out exactly what the market is spending and how to make adjustments to your pricing.
Most people in our industry are charging $7-$17. How and why are we able to charge $97, $197, $497 and more?
How to stop leaving money on the table with your offers. Most people are charging far too little for the value they are sharing.
Paul’s Profit Matrix. This simple 3 question formula with give you the psychology behind pricing and how you can charge what you are worth! Answer these three questions and never doubt your value again!

“But my market doesn’t have any money! They’re whine every time a send them something to buy.” We hear this all the time. Are you ready to crush this thinking and even get “money poor” markets to buy?
How to sell without being salesy.
How to get over yourself and never apologize again for what you’re charging. If you find yourself “defending” your price something is WRONG.
A simple sales letter formula that converts without using hype & hope. (I learned this from a guy who charges $30,000 per sales letter – plus he gets a percentage of the profits!)

You cannot be a “one hit wonder” and make it. If you think you’re going to launch one little product and retire then here’s your wake up call.
How you can put easy continuity to work in your business.
How to get sales (money) from your audience over and over again.
Planning your promotions so you can have some dependable income instead of the normal panic… “Arrrhhhh… I need to make some money! What can I sell?!!!”

Profit Margins
This is not the sexy part of business, but it is CRITICAL. “Gurus” are always telling you how much they MADE, but are never telling you how much they had to SPEND to do it!
How to figure out what your expenses are.
How to afford outsourcing.
Understanding what Profit Margin is and leveraging it for maximum returns.
Again… not sexy… but this is real business and is one of the reasons we CLEAR so much more money than everyone else. Who cares of you make 6 figures if you had to spend twice that to make it, right?
How to keep your costs under control and stop bleeding money on your way to the bank! There is a DANGEROUS practice we see over and over again. We’ll reveal it and how you can prevent it from happening to you. (Chances are it’s happening right now and you aren’t even paying attention!)

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John Reese’s – Spy For Profit

Name Product: John Reese’s – Spy For Profit
Market price:  $997
Author:John Reese
Size: 42 MB

Master The Science Of Competitive Intelligence And Accelerate Your Online Profits!
99% Of Entrepreneurs Marketing Online Are
Doing It ALL WRONG. Stop Taking Unnecessary
Risks – Stop Wasting Your Time & Money On
Product Ideas, Niche Markets, Traffic
Campaigns, Funnels, Conversion Techniques
And Methods That May Not Even Work!
Join The Top 1% Of ‘Digital Marketers’ That Are
Experiencing Massive Success By Using a
Powerful ‘Shortcut’ That Anyone Can Use To
Accelerate Winning Products, Traffic, Sales,
And Massive Online Profits!

Accelerate Winning Products, Traffic, Sales,And Massive Online Profits!
If you’re serious about building a new online business or growing an existing one, you better pay close attention to what I’m going to reveal to you on this page. Consider yourself warned.
The game has completely changed. In just the past few years alone, it has become hyper-competitive online. More and more people everyday are now trying to make money online. Competition in many niches has grown by 10,000% or more!
WAKE UP CALL: More ‘Online Entrepreneurs’ Are FAILING Now Than Ever Before. Most Will Continue To Struggle Or Go Under And Quit.
I’m going to tell you the honest, brutal truth that most people don’t want to talk about… making money online is now 10X harder than it was just a few years ago – and it’s getting worse every single day.
I’ve been actively marketing online for over 15 years, and I have successfully built many multi-million dollar online businesses. And I am still actively making a lot of money online today – I wouldn’t want to do anything else! BUT…
There’s some good news and some bad news to share with you…
First, the BAD NEWS…
Digital Marketing and making money online today is now very crowded, very saturated, and very expensive. 95%+ of people that try to build an online business FAIL BADLY; and they usually lose a lot of money in the process.
Buying web site traffic is now 10X the cost of what it used to be. When traffic was cheap it was easy to turn a profit. As traffic got a little more expensive it was still relatively easy to turn a profit as your marketing didn’t need to be perfect…
…but today, in 2015, traffic is so expensive and things are so competitive that you cannot afford to make many mistakes with your online efforts if you’re going to turn a profit.
And now the GOOD NEWS…
There is still a TON of money to be made online across many different niches and product areas – but only IF you know how to do it the RIGHT WAY.
There are many ‘Digital Marketers’ making millions of dollars per year right now and they will continue to do so; because they are taking an approach that most (that fail) do not. (I’m about to explain what this unique approach is.)
There are many areas where the opportunity online is GROWING.
Certain ‘infoproduct’ and self-publishing areas. New mobile app, SAAS, and other software opportunities. New coaching & consulting business models. And even ‘modern method’ Affiliate Marketing works really, really well today.
BUT in order for you to succeed you have to use an approach that’s the OPPOSITE of what so many have taught for how to profit online…
I have used this ‘super skill’ to pull in $1,000,000+ from my first major mobile App. I also used this ‘super skill’ to make $470,000 in a few short months from a market where I had never done business and I didn’t even have to sell a product. I even used this ‘super skill’ just recently for a consulting deal here a business paid me over $1,100,000 on a “performance based” agreement – so if this ‘super skill’ didn’t work I wouldn’t have gotten paid.
I have used this ‘super skill’ to make millions of dollars online and continue to rely on this valuable technique to cash-in on new opportunities.
This ‘super skill’ I am talking about is COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE.
Or what I like to call, “spying for profit.”

The Competitive Intelligence “Spy Tools” That
Are Available Today Make It So Easy To Take A
‘Shortcut’ Directly To Making Online Profits That
It Almost Seems Like It’s CHEATING!

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