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[Special Offer] Juliana Crispo – Startup Sales Bootcamp

Juliana Crispo – Startup Sales Bootcamp
Juliana Crispo – Startup Sales Bootcamp
Market price: $600
Author: Juliana Crispo
Home sale:_

Startup Sales Bootcamp
Everything You Need To Get Your Time Strapped Sales Team Up To Speed & Sell A WHOLE LOT More Than You Were Before

Has someone recently told you…
“Thanks! Sounds great. Can you send me more information so I can think it over?”
“Can you send me case studies or references?”
“Very cool–can you circle back with me next quarter?”
“I like your product, but it’s not in budget.”
“I see the value, I just don’t see it for us right now.” Read the rest of this entry »


Jason Capital – Million Dollar Phrases & Upsell, 27 Secrets To Money, Power, And STATUS (VIP)


Name Product: Jason Capital – Million Dollar Phrases
Market price: $497
Author: Jason Capital
Home sale:

The Million-Dollar Phrases System reveals my 5 personal go-to money-making phrases.
All laid bare for you, word-for-word, so you can easily copy them into your own business.
Just sprinkle these words in the middle of any conversation and watch how easy it is to sell them on anything, a product, a service, consulting, even simply to go and do something for you.
And unlike those other chumps, there’s no memorization required.
Just sit back, and let me infuse everything I have to offer into that beautiful brain of yours.
Seriously, if making money online, in person, or over the phone has escaped you in the past – this is the program for you.

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Luke Maguire – Socialite Pro

Luke Maguire – Socialite Pro
Market price: $77
Author: Luke Maguire
Home sale:_

Literally watch and copy me as i show you time & time again how i make social media pages from scratch, grow them and then convert them into money in my bank, time after time after time. This system is so full proof you will be getting fans coming to YOU today.
Socialite Pro is the video series training program that will transform you from a total beginner to a money making Social Media Guru… The End.
Here’s What You’ll Master By The End Of Socialite Pro….
How To Set-And-Forget An Autopilot System That Brings In Sales Day And Night
Netting Fans (And Raving Buyers)
Local, Affiliate, Personal Money Making Read the rest of this entry »


The Culture Blueprint (2016)

The Culture Blueprint (2016)
Market price: $24
Author: N/a
Home sale:_

The Culture Blueprint
The guide to developing an amazing workplace, by former Zappos Culture Strategist, Robert Richman.
This special pre-release includes:
Hard cover book
Audio Book Download Read the rest of this entry »


Fearless Boss Trey WSO Collection(2016)


Fearless Boss Trey  WSO Collection(2016)
Market price: $297
Author: N/a
Home sale:_

Lost To Boss V2.0 – How To Make $3,000 Per Month Passive Income With Free Traffic And List Building
Boss Email Secrets – How To Make $100 A Day With Email Marketing
Simple Tube Profits – How To Make $300 In A Day With 5-Minute YouTube Videos
Eazy Newbie Success System – The Easiest And Fastest Way To Start Your Online Business From Scratch
Info Cash Machine – How To Create Your Own Info-Product Fast And Start Making Sales Daily Read the rest of this entry »


Chris Elliott – Copywriting Rush

Chris Elliott – Copywriting Rush
Market price: $1297
Author: Chris Elliott
Home sale:_

I’m Looking For A Group Of Smart People Who Want To Become Obscenely Paid Copywriters & Learn To Write High Profit Sales Copy In Only Six Dynamic, At Home Classes…
Master The Art Of Persuasive Writing For The Sale & Learn To Craft Sales Copy That Sells Like Crazy. Write Profitable Headlines, Bullets, Body Copy, Order Forms, Opt-In Pages, Sub-Headlines, Sales Letters & So Much More And Collect Massive Project Fees… Read the rest of this entry »


Mike Long & Greg Morrison – OMG No Holds Barred 2016: Project A (Update 24/10/2016)

OMG No Holds Barred 2016: Project A

IMPORTANT OMG 2016 Breaking News: our grace period for main registration for 2016 ends Saturday Jan 16th at midnight. Bob Proctor, from the #1 NYT best seller, The Secret, shouts from the rooftops about OMG:

Who paid for their OMG LIVE 2015 Tickets & Trip with OMG Profits?:

Name Product: Mike Long &  Greg Morrison – OMG No Holds Barred 2016: Project A
Market price: $7999
Author: Mike Long &  Greg Morrison
Home sale:

Click to”show”=>Download For Vip Member
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: [email protected]


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