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Frank Kern – Inner Circle Bribe (update 2/11)


Frank Kern – Inner Circle Bribe
Market price: $397
Author: Frank Kern
Home sale:_

The products included are:
1) Advanced Closing: How to Use Close-Stacking to Compound The Power of Any Offer
2) The Ultimate Offer Formula: The Simple Formula For Pitching Anything to Anyone
3) The Six Magic Steps To Scaling Big Online
4) Power Positioning: How to Establish Authority, Credibility, and Premium Branding Online Read the rest of this entry »


Selena Soo – Influence Elite

Selena Soo – Influence Elite
Market price: $797
Author: Selena Soo
Home sale:_

Dear Hard-Working Entrepreneur Who is Ready to Make It Big…
May I be honest with you?
Because there’s something I think you need to hear…
Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone.
And not everyone who takes the leap to start a business actually “makes it.”
In fact, only a very select group will ever make it to the top.
A lot of would-be entrepreneurs eventually go back to day jobs. And others keep plugging away for years, losing tremendous amounts of money or barely breaking even.
But the ones who DO make it? They get to live their dreams…and they get paid great money for work they love.
Because here’s the thing –
When YOU decided to become an entrepreneur, you had a dream of your own. Read the rest of this entry »


Mike Hardenbrook – Bulletproof Direct Buys

Mike Hardenbrook – Bulletproof Direct Buys
Market price: $149
Author: Mike Hardenbrook
Home sale:_

Here’s How You Can Pay Less For The Same Ads And Keep Your Profits To Yourself
Not a lot of people know, but you can cut out popular ad networks living on your margins and still get great results if you use direct media buys.
It’s the most oldschool method still in practice today and for good reasons.
See, Facebook, and all the other ad networks out there take their cut from your margins.
Not to mention that with ad platforms like Facebook you often end up targeting the same visitors over and over again, resulting in ad burnout. That means you end up replacing your ads often… sometimes as often as every single day, which can be a lot of work. Read the rest of this entry »


Sarah Morgan – Pinterest Powerhouse

Sarah Morgan – Pinterest Powerhouse
Market price: $249
Author: Sarah Morgan
Home sale:_

Build a Pinterest strategy that is simple to execute and drives TONS of traffic to your site,
Create super-shareable blog content that ALWAYS gets lots of re-pins,
And FINALLY see results (email subscribers, customers, clients) from all the work you put in?

If you’ve been pinning like crazy and are sick of putting in time and effort without seeing any growth, then this course is for YOU!
Pinterest Powerhouse is YOUR guide to creating super-pinnable content, building boards that generate TONS of re-pins, turning your profile into a valuable resource, and building a strategy to generate MASSIVE amounts of blog traffic.
Plus turn that traffic into email subscribers, customers, and clients (aka make Pinterest PROFITABLE!).
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Ryan Stewman – The Phone Funnels

Ryan Stewman – The Phone Funnels
Market price: $997
Author: Ryan Stewman
Home sale:_

“Master Salesman Confesses…”
His Multi-Million Dollar Phone Selling Strategies
Find out how he gets hundreds of people per day begging him to get on the phone with them
…just so they can buy his products!

Mobile is not the future, it’s NOW.
The world’s richest company, Apple, made over a a trillion dollars from mobile sales. The world’s richest man, Carlos Helu, made his billions from mobile. Even third word countries are getting revolted against because their citizens now have mobile communication devices.

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Cole Dockery – CPA Society 2016

Cole Dockery – CPA Society 2016
Market price: $149.99
Author: Cole Dockery
Home sale:_

CPA Marketer Cole Dockery’s
Simple Step By Step Instructions To Profiting With CPA Marketing!

What Will I Get In ThisTraining?
· How To Get Into Major CPA Networks(Cash Network,Maxbounty Etc.)
· Step By Step Guide To Getting Started With CPA Marketing
· How To Building Landing Pages
· How To Pick CPA Offers
· Email Marketing Training
· Video Marketing Training
· Facebook Paid Ads Training
· Instagram Training
· Craigslist Training
· Weekly Live Training Webinars
· Access To Private Facebook Group
· Affiliate Program Read the rest of this entry »


Sorin Constantin & Rohan Dhawan – Pinterest Marketing And Pinterest Ads Blueprint

Sorin Constantin & Rohan Dhawan – Pinterest Marketing And Pinterest Ads Blueprint
Market price: $195
Author: Sorin Constantin & Rohan Dhawan
Home sale:_

Learn how to use Pinterest as a powerful marketing tool that drives more traffic, buyers and profits to your business.
Thousands of online entrepreneurs worldwide and business owners are using social media with success in promoting their businesses.
Content, socializing and engagement are the new keys to successful business and that is why social media platforms are booming right now. Read the rest of this entry »