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Bill DeWees, Fred Gleeck & Lance Tamashiro – VO Success Formula

Name Product: Bill DeWees, Fred Gleeck & Lance Tamashiro – VO Success Formula
Market price: $247
Author: Bill DeWees, Fred Gleeck & Lance Tamashiro
Home sale: http://vosuccessformula.com/

Attention: If You’re Tired, Fed-Up, Frustrated or Burned Out from Voice Overs
If You’re Struggling with Winning Auditions, Traffic, Landing Clients & Marketing
Looking For the Perfect Solution — or Are Even Starting From Scratch…
Leaked & Brand New:
“Who Else Wants to Know:
How I Generated An Extra
$4200+ Per Month
(Starting Over From Scratch)
From Just 60 Minutes Per Day?”

Digital Module 1:
Setup Your Gig & Start Selling
Let’s not waste time. I am going to show you my EXACT gig. How it is setup (and why it is setup the way it is) and then give you my exact template to have you up and running immediately.
You’ll also discover and uncover:
The 22 second “hack” involving your smartphone that boosted sales for us overnight — just this alone puts you in the top 10% of sellers
Several quick hacks (that take less than 10 seconds each) that more than double Fiverr income compared to the typical “lazy” sellers who don’t take it seriously
How to make more sales by taking LONGER to deliver your orders!
How to get your first buyers within the next few days, if not sooner — from scratch, without a list… if you’ve been looking for “proof” that making money as a voice talent just starting out is, then this is it!
Our number one goal as you begin your VO Success Formula journey is for you to scratch your head in wonder and ask yourself, “Is it really that easy and simple? Have I made it too complicated until now?” The answer is most likely a resounding YES!

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Digital Module 2:
SEO & Customer Service
Your results and your effort are entirely your own, but we’re hoping that once you “break through”… once you’re paid for the buttons and clicks you put into the computer, you’ll become addicted to making money (in a good way), and you won’t want to stop!
Making that first sale was great, but how do you transition from measly $5 sales into meaty $100 and higher priced sales?
We’ll show you…
How I turn many $5 sales into $25-$45 sales without any extra time or “labor” (easy)
The ranking factors that put your services at the top of the search results (which means buyers pour in effortlessly)
A simple social proof technique you can use after the sale that yields a 5.8% conversion rate (5 out of 100 people who come to the page buy, which is huge)
How to phrase and assemble your titles, descriptions by breaking the “tired” rules of web page copywriting
Using VO Success Formula, we’ll show you how to achieve financial freedom faster simply by following a few simple steps. Do you want money two years from now, or RIGHT now?

Digital Module 3:
Joint Ventures
How far do you want to go with this? Are you happy dabbling with just 1 sale a day, or can you pack 10-20 (or more) high paying voice over jobs into one 60-minute session? Luckily, Fiverr wants you to succeed and if you follow the simple rules we show in this course, you’ll skyrocket and grow your Fiverr voice over business each and every month…
How to claim an instant 220% boost by using this easy (and free) online tool to personalize your gig
How to joint venture with other sellers (this is unique to the Fiverr marketplace) and sometimes arbitrage your way to bigger and faster income
A simple “tagging” tweak you can apply to your new or existing services (by reverse engineering what’s already effective)

Digital Module 4:
Traffic, Reviews & More Sales Opportunities
What is this all leading to? Let us show you how to always land those $100-$200 and “competition-proof” yourself against other buyers and sellers in the marketplace. While others slave away 12 hours a day just for $10, you’re making as much money as you want from just 30-60 minutes per day…
How to systematize and literally “click” just a few buttons anytime you want to ask for more sales and talk to your buyers (or prospects)
The perfect “litmus test” for deciding what business to take, and which to reject — yes, we’ll get you to the point where you can actually turn away the business you don’t want
The source of over 50% of our high-ticket ($50 and up) sales… most Fiverr sellers don’t use this method at literally miss out on half of their potential sales. We doubled our income as soon as we applied this easy method
Although the results from this course are 100% dependent on you, we want to show you how we’ve built up enough money to pay for a mortgage, multiple cars, food, travel, bills, and more, from scratch, in just a few months, from just one hour a day.
How much money have you already missed out on by not discovering VO Success Formula sooner? How much more money will you continue to lose if you don’t give us a chance and see what might happen, if and when you apply our system?

Free Bonus 1:
Recorded QA Call
Now that you have your new voice over system in place and you are taking orders you will most likely have questions about what do next and how to take it to the next level. Maybe you will be wondering how to leverage what you are building into bigger jobs?
Fred, Bill and Lance will personally answer any question you still have (even evaluate your gig if you like) and make sure you have everything you need in order to succeed.

Free Bonus 2:
Personal Cut-n-Paste Swipe Files
VO Success Formula is designed for you to quickly master and dominate the Fiverr voice over niche, without any frustration, and take control over your own destiny. If that means you simply turn it on during a week when you want more money, if it means you want to put in a full 30-60 minutes per day, if you want to master only ONE skill or leverage 10-12 money-making activities, then this is the course for you.
Simply login to the member’s area (after you join), at any time 24 hours a day, grab the pre-written “responses” from our fully tested swipe file, and paste it right into your Fiverr account.

Bill DeWees, Fred Gleeck & Lance Tamashiro – VO Success Formula Contains:  Videos, PDF
Download from Rapidgator
Download from Nitroflare
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