Bill DeWees, Fred Gleeck & Lance Tamashiro – VO Success Formula

Name Product: Bill DeWees, Fred Gleeck & Lance Tamashiro – VO Success Formula
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Author: Bill DeWees, Fred Gleeck & Lance Tamashiro
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Attention: If You’re Tired, Fed-Up, Frustrated or Burned Out from Voice Overs
If You’re Struggling with Winning Auditions, Traffic, Landing Clients & Marketing
Looking For the Perfect Solution — or Are Even Starting From Scratch…
Leaked & Brand New:
“Who Else Wants to Know:
How I Generated An Extra
$4200+ Per Month
(Starting Over From Scratch)
From Just 60 Minutes Per Day?”

Digital Module 1:
Setup Your Gig & Start Selling
Let’s not waste time. I am going to show you my EXACT gig. How it is setup (and why it is setup the way it is) and then give you my exact template to have you up and running immediately.
You’ll also discover and uncover:
The 22 second “hack” involving your smartphone that boosted sales for us overnight — just this alone puts you in the top 10% of sellers
Several quick hacks (that take less than 10 seconds each) that more than double Fiverr income compared to the typical “lazy” sellers who don’t take it seriously
How to make more sales by taking LONGER to deliver your orders!
How to get your first buyers within the next few days, if not sooner — from scratch, without a list… if you’ve been looking for “proof” that making money as a voice talent just starting out is, then this is it!
Our number one goal as you begin your VO Success Formula journey is for you to scratch your head in wonder and ask yourself, “Is it really that easy and simple? Have I made it too complicated until now?” The answer is most likely a resounding YES!

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