Ben Adkins – Video Ad Blueprint 2016

Name Product: Ben Adkins – Video Ad Blueprint 2016
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Author: Ben Adkins
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Your Step-by-Step System for Using Facebook Video Ads to
Sell Your  Digital and Physical Products.
What’s Inside of the Social Video Ad Blueprint?

Section 1:
How to Grab on to The Video Ad Opportunity
Inside This Session you’ll Learn:
The Secret Behind Why Facebook Favors Video Ads
In the last 6 months, Facebook has made major changes to the way it displays video in the newsfeed. If you understand the changes and how they work, you’ll have a big advantage. We’ll Explain exactly what has happened and how to use it to your Business’ Advantage inside.
What Kind of Video Ads are Best for Selling Digital Products, Software, and Memberships
There is a very special kind of Facebook Video Ad that you need to create to sell digital based products and software. We’ll go through the exact setup inside and give you access to the template to create this type of video ad yourself.
What Kind of Video Ads are Best For Selling Physical Products to Your Audience
Selling Physical Products using Video Ads are an entirely different story. You need to use a very specific type of video ad. We’ll talk you through how to structure this video and create it fast without having to use any special equipment.

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