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Bradley Nelson – The Body Code 2.0 System (2016)

Bradley Nelson – The Body Code 2.0 System (2016)
Market price: $997
Author: :Bradley Nelson
Home sale: http://www.bodycodehealingsystem.com/

The Ultimate Health, Wealth & Relationship Solution
Powered by: The Body Code™ 2.0 System
Health, Wealth & Relationship Solution Video Series
Health, Wealth & Relationship Solution Complete Manual
Instant Body Code 2.0 Mapping System
Interactive Body Code Mapping Software
Rapid Results Startup Guide
The Body Code™ 2.0 Complete Immersion Experience
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Alex Gould – CPA Wealth Academy

Alex Gould – CPA Wealth Academy
Market price: $297
Author: :Alex Gould
Home sale: http://cpawealthacademy.smartmember.com/lessons

What Is Affiliate Marketing Exactly?
Hello and Welcome! Now watch this video please
Overview Of Affiliate Marketing

Getting Your Mind Right
Correcting Your Mindset, A Different Look Into Affiliate Marketing

Keyword Research 101
Intro To Keyword Research Theory
What Makes A Keyword “Easy”
Intro To Evergreen Niches + Judging 1st Page Comp
Noopept Ex. Continued + Evergreen Theory Cont. + Pattern Finding
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Eben Pagan – Digital Product Blueprint System 2016

Name Product: Eben Pagan – Digital Product Blueprint System
Market price: $1997
Author: Eben Pagan
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What is Digital Product Blueprint?
It’s a course containing all of Eben Pagan’s work over the last decade building and selling digital products. From start to finish, it includes lessons from finding a niche and creating a product in that niche, all the way to launching your business and making sales and building traffic sources. The Digital Product Blueprint course a 90 day course that will teach you (even from zero knowledge in product creation) to build a digital product of you own in a niche with demand and start generating sales.
Digital Product Blueprint is not a get rich quick scheme, in fact there is no such thing, so don’t waste your time looking! What this course will do is teach you to building a business on the internet that can generate passive income for you, but only if you are willing to put forth the work necessary. This program is for people who want to start their own business or expand their existing online business and need a proven system to follow. If that sounds like you, please continue reading.

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Mike Mandel – Hypnosis Mindscaping

Mike Mandel – Hypnosis Mindscaping
Market price: $197
Author: :Mike Mandel
Home sale: http://mikemandelhypnosis.com/mindscaping/

From the fertile mind of Mike Mandel comes MINDSCAPING – a transformational new tool for therapists, social worker and counsellors of all kinds. MINDSCAPING accesses the client’s unconscious mind, providing a simple, but incredibly powerful methodology for both personal insight and rapid change. MINDSCAPING had its genesis in aspects of Time Line Therapy, Ericksonian hypnosis, NLP submodality shifts, The Cube system of personality typing, and Jungian symbolism and archetype theory.MINDSCAPING has always existed; it was just waiting to be discovered.

Here are just some of the advantages of MINDSCAPING:
MINDSCAPING is easy to learn and easy to apply.
MINDSCAPING simultaneously affects submodalities and beliefs, and causes immediate positive behavioural shifts. Read the rest of this entry »


Paul Chek – Scientific Back Training

Paul Chek – Scientific Back Training
Market price: $335
Author: : Paul Chek
Home sale: https://chekandpps.infusionsoft.com/app/storeFront/showProductDetail?productId=360

The Scientific Back Training Correspondence Course is a must if you are involved in training or rehabilitation. With this Course you have access to some of the best information available, presented in such a manner that makes the learning process both productive and enjoyable.

Vol 1: This Course begins with a very specific and comprehensive anatomy review that is vital to understanding correct training and rehabilitation for the back. You will learn all about:
* The significance of Intra-abdominal pressure
* Why abdominal muscles are a vital part of the back musculature
* The hydraulic amplifier mechanism
* Erectors versus the abdominal muscles as rotators and stabilizers
* Why the spino-scapular muscles are back muscles
* Optimal/dysfunctional shoulder girdle position and thoracic curvature
* Gleno-humeral & spino-scapular force couples
In summary: This video has a massive amount of information on functional anatomy, movement mechanics and the involvement of the abdominal muscles in training and rehabilitating the back Read the rest of this entry »


Anik Singal – My 6-Step Email Marketing System for AUTOMATED, MASSIVE Profits

Anik Singal – My 6-Step Email Marketing System for AUTOMATED, MASSIVE Profits
Market price: $997
Author: :Anik Singal
Home sale: http://listacademy.com/go/

Anik Let Me In! I’m Ready To Learn How To Increase Email Marketing Profits By Up To 300% By Using a Simple Formula

My 6-Step Email Marketing System for AUTOMATED, MASSIVE Profits:

– Anik’s Open Vault – My 10-Year Experience = Your 7-Day Success – $2,997 VALUE
5 Full Modules walks you through ALL of my Proven Email Marketing Experience. I hold nothing back! Learn my can’t-miss secrets and strategies from my MULTIMILLION DOLLAR Promotions. Steal my shortcuts, copy my email strategy, then just apply to your own business. You can learn in just 7 DAYS what took me a full DECADE!

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Cody Sperber – Fast Track Profit System(2016)

Cody Sperber – Fast Track Profit System(2016)
Market price: $997 + $97 + $97
Author: :Lloyd Burnett
Home sale:http://fasttrackprofitsystem.com/special/

Clever Investors – Fast Track Profit Center $997 + Reverse Short Sale
$97 + Direct Mail Deal Maker $97
Module #1 Getting Started
Module #2 Marketing & Lead Generation
Module #3 Preparation, Analysis & Meeting
Motivated Sellers
Module #4 Property Acquisition
Module #5 Funding Your Deals
Module #6 Closing Your Deals

(Over 20 complete, easy-to-follow video & audio trainings)
Wholesaling – Make super quick checks with no money or credit needed!
Buy, Fix & Flip – Learn how to maximize profits while others do the work!
Creative Financing & Lease Options – Close deals other investors can’t!
Buy, Fix and Hold – Rent properties without headaches and build wealth! Read the rest of this entry »