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Rick Mulready – FB Advantage Local

Rick Mulready – FB Advantage Local
Market price: $997
Author: Rick Mulready
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Follow My Simple, Proven Facebook Ads System To Generate A Consistent Flow Of Leads, Sales And Customers For Your Local Business…
Best Part: This Works Even If You’re A Total Facebook Ads Newbie Or You’ve Been Doing Facebook Ads A While, AND In Virtually Any Local Niche…
Use my proven formula to setup your own Facebook ads system that targets the right people in your local area – no more wasting money on the wrong eyeballs
Get tried and tested strategies that guarantee a return on your ad spend – starting with as little as $5 a day
Never ‘shoot in the dark’ with your ads again – find out how to consistently attract people who want your products & services, with no more guesswork or ‘spray & pray’ tactics
Stay on this page to find out how to finally succeed with Facebook ads… Read the rest of this entry »


Brian Carruthers – Locker Room Training


Brian Carruthers – Locker Room Training
Market price: $497
Author: Brian Carruthers
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“Recruit MORE People Into Your Network Marketing Business, FASTER THAN EVER BEFORE – 100% Guaranteed!”
In This Brand NEW Training, You’ll Discover The Exact System Brian Carruthers Has Developed To Create a Multi-Million Dollar Income Year After Year (Like Clockwork) In His Network Marketing Business!¨

Dear Network Marketing Friend,
If you’ve been struggling to recruit people into your network marketing business and it seems like you’re getting nowhere…
If you’re getting burned out on calling leads that have no interest in your business… then you’re on the right page…
If you feel like you’re wasting your money and time on “trying” to build your network marketing business…then keep reading.
What I’m about to share with you is something that will DRAMATICALLY BOOST your network marketing career.
I can say this with total confidence because I’ve personally used what I’m about to share with you to RECRUIT OVER 1,450 people into my network marketing business over the last decade and BUILD AN EMPIRE!
And, I still use this system to this very day to consistently drive fresh new prospects into my business and transform them into leaders to grow my empire.You’re about to be able to do the same in your network marketing business. Read the rest of this entry »

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