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[Special Offer] DAN DASILVA – Influencer Marketing Academy

DAN DASILVA – Influencer Marketing Academy
Market price: $797
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Influencer Marketing Academy is a proven and tested system that has withstood the test of time. With over $500,000 generated from this same system in the last 4 months we are proud to say this is the worlds best and only influencer course that have REAL results from REAL students.
We are extremely proud to say we put our community first and strive for every student to achieve massive success.
Influencer Marketing Academy has been in development for well over 7 months. With over $80,000 in testing to ensure this system couldn’t fail we know we have winner on our hands and we know 100% you NEED to be using this if you don’t want to be left behind. Read the rest of this entry »


Joanna Wiebe – The Conversion Copywriting Workshop


Joanna Wiebe – The Conversion Copywriting Workshop
Market price: $497
Author: Joanna Wiebe
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The Conversion Copywriting Workshop
As presented and recorded at ConversionXL Live.
With a strong emphasis on finding and organizing your messages before you begin writing, this conversion copywriting workshop will help you not only write better copy but think like a copywriter in everything you do. Discover the words to use to speak directly to a single reader. See how to make sense of those words and messages. And get the tips and techniques you need to turn good messages into great copy.
Plus, because this is a recording of a live workshop, you’ll see how others struggle with copy. And you’ll watch as the original conversion copywriter Joanna Wiebe coaches copywriters through their challenges. Read the rest of this entry »


Mike Filsaime – Webinar Control

Mike Filsaime – Webinar Control
Market price: $997
Author: Mike Filsaime
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Key Points In This Webinar:
6:25 – Apple Watch Giveaway #118:30 – Why you need to be doing webinars
19:50 – Why webinars are the best way to market online
22:20 – What customers who attend and buy from webinars have in common
23:57 – The 5 Laws that will double your profits
25:42 – Must-know Law #129:40 – The truth about whether testimonials hurt or help conversions
30:20 – Cool Conversion Tip #1
34:05 – Cool Conversion Tip #2 Read the rest of this entry »


Brand Genesis

Matt Clark – Brand Genesis
Market price: $997
Author: Matt Clark
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See a Real, Highly Successful Physical Products Business Built from SCRATCH! Then, Copy Every Step to Build YOUR OWN $100K Per Month Business!
One of the best online business training courses ever created, it has been specially devised to teach regular people, just like you, how to become successful entrepreneurs. This is a whole new kind of training, one where you experience, first hand, what it’s really like to build a successful business. Matt recently started to build a business from the ground up, and he recorded every single step. He named this step-by-step system, Brand Genesis.
This new business training format works like nothing ever has done before. In just the past few months, Brand Genesis has been producing thousands of dollars in sales. And thousands of people are already taking advantage of this unique business model to start and grow their very own companies exponentially. Read the rest of this entry »


Ultimate Search Engine Optimization Mastery Course

Ultimate Search Engine Optimization Mastery Course
Market price: $100
Author: IMSource Academy
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MSource Academy Course Description
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)…

EHHHH…kinda scary, huh?
Not really, unfortunately there’s just a LOT of misleading information out there.
The good news is that this course will help debunk a lot of the SEO myths and opinions you may have read about on various forms and in other courses.
The simple strategies and systems you will learn inside these short lectures with give you a solid foundation into how search engine optimization works and why… Read the rest of this entry »


Ben Adkins – Email Inception


Ben Adkins – Email Inception
Market price: $297
Author: Ben Adkins
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What is “Email Inception”?
It’s a method that you can use to get someone to actually consider something that they might not have otherwise given a second thought to.
In short… This is a method to get someone to break out of their normal thinking patterns and to really use their mind to explore an issue. (and couldn’t we use a lot more of people actually thinking things through?… especially during this election cycle… no matter who they support at a gut level.) Read the rest of this entry »


James Metcalf – Master Self Hypnosis Now

James Metcalf – Master Self Hypnosis Now
Market price: $50
Author: James Metcalf
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Course Description
In this course titled ‘Master Self Hypnosis Now’ By James Metcalf, CH, you will learn-

A simple approach for conducting a self-hypnosis session
Useful techniques to use in the waking state to reduce stress and anxiety
How to craft effective suggestions
How to record your own hypnosis session
This course features videos, scripts, and a free .mp3 recording to enable you to quickly grasp self-hypnosis and use it in your life for smoking cessation, weight loss, stress relief, confidence building, sports performance, and much more. This course will allow you to clean up the negative programming in your mind and give you a simple approach to learning everything you need to now about the process of self-hypnosis from a Master Hypnotherapist.

What are the requirements?
Willing to stick with the program
Mac or PC with high speed internet
Notebook and pen
What am I going to get from this course?
Go into a hypnotic state easily and effortlessly
Craft flawless hypnotic suggestions that will help you achieve your goals
Record your own effective hypnosis sessions
Eliminate negative programming
What is the target audience?
Anyone with a curiousity for hypnosis
Anyone who wants to better themselves
Anyone who wants to eliminate negative programming

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